Richie's BBQ lamb call out

09 Jan, 2015 09:00 AM
Richie Benaud in a still from the MLA Australia Day lamb campaign ad.
He is as iconic to Australians as lamb itself, so we couldn’t think of anyone more fitting
Richie Benaud in a still from the MLA Australia Day lamb campaign ad.

WHEN Richie Benaud invites some mates around to throw some lamb chops on the barbie, he calls on some iconic - albeit not entirely alive - Australians to help celebrate.

In a new ad campaign developed by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), Australian cricketing legend Benaud has enlisted the help of MLA Lambassador Sam Kekovich and a plethora of other legendary figures from the ages to encourage Aussies to get together over lamb on Australia Day.

Around two thirds (67 per cent) of Aussies claim that lamb is the "most patriotic" meat, and over the past three years lamb sales on Australia Day have increased by an average of 34pc.

In the annual Australia Day lamb campaign, Benaud captures the spirit of our national day by doing what we believe every Aussie should be doing on Australia Day: organising a big lamb BBQ and a game of backyard cricket.

The advert opens dramatically on the open seas, with Captain Cook aboard his ship approaching the Australian shore line. His steely focus on the path ahead is interrupted by a phone call from Benaud inviting him to a lamb BBQ at his place on Australia Day.

“Cooky” agrees, and asks if fellow explorers Burke and Wills are also on the guest list – they’re keen, despite their dire situation in a baking hot desert.

Benaud looks worried when legendary outlaw Ned Kelly offers to “round up the guys” for the occasion, although this is less worrying than the rumour that Kelly has gone “veggo”.

Other iconic Australians invited to Benaud’s barbie include cricketer Don Bradman and media giant Ita Buttrose. However when Billy Birmingham – famous for impersonating Benaud as the 12th Man – gets wind of the lamb feast, he gets the chop.

“For me, this year’s campaign encapsulates what Australia Day is all about; Australians getting together for a lamb BBQ," Benaud said.

Michael Edmonds, MLA central marketing and industry insights general manager,said: “As a nation we love our lamb, and it’s our belief that you never lamb alone. That goes double on Australia Day".

“Having Richie Benaud on board allows us to really encapsulate and celebrate the spirit of Australia Day. He is as iconic to Australians as lamb itself, so we couldn’t think of anyone more fitting to join our Lambassador Sam Kekovich in this next chapter of the Australia Day Lamb campaign,” he said.

Lamb lovers can also score an opportunity to spend their Australia Day with Benaud himself. Ten Aussies (and two of their mates) are being given the opportunity to attend a BBQ with Benaud. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will be given to the Aussies who can do the best impersonation of Benaud’s legendary voice.

Anyone in Australia can enter by uploading a video impression of Benaud’s soon-to-be-released lamb BBQ call ‘Top Lamb Chop That!’ to the We Love Our Lamb Facebook page.

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Chick Olsson
9/01/2015 2:53:12 PM

Should be an excellent campaign. Well done MLA.
Helen Clark
10/01/2015 5:43:21 AM

It get better with listening. Very original.
Bim Joyd
12/01/2015 9:51:57 AM

Wonderful advert. Congrats to creators.
12/01/2015 10:42:47 AM

Why is it that when I travel in the country and go into the pub for a meal all I can get is a steak or a bloody chicken parmi? Never a lamb chop or stew. Off your bums country folk and put lamb back on the travellers' menu!
Cattle Advocate
12/01/2015 8:40:06 PM

Has anyone invited Ellyse Perry to the Aus day BBQ-cricket match the more the merrier? As long as there is something in the pitch for the Quicks, it could be bigger than Ben Hur.
Love the country
26/01/2015 4:27:36 PM

Well this year for the very first time I have not seen one advert featuring Richie, or anyone else for that matter. For years Sam took the screen, and every time the TV went on Sam was there, if fact we nearly got sick of him, but then we did enjoy his humour. So when did Richie go to air ? What states ? Never saw one in WA. It's Australia Day today, hope they don't start showing it next week !
26/01/2015 5:55:38 PM

Same in QLD LTC, - where ARE the ads??


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