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The Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial


2016 Feedback Trial results (Click here)

2016 Winners - Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial:
Rob & Kelly Lamoureux, Armidale - Black Simmental x Angus

Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial - 2015

Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial - Wrap Up

The Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial, conducted at Teys Australia's Jindalee Feedlot near Temora in Southern NSW is in its seventh year and continually attracts entrants from all over NSW, Victoria and Southern Queensland.

The trial has delivered strong and informative feedback to producers from leading technology at the Teys Australia Wagga Wagga plant, in conjunction with highly qualified our well known Technical Officer Jeff House.

The trial involves teams of 5, Milk Tooth steers, weighing between 320kg to 460kg, they must have 50% British content, to go on a 112 day calculated feed ration with an end target market of three Branded Beef Products produced at Teys Certified Premium Black Angus, Teys Riverine Premium and Teys Tender Cut.

The steers are bought by Teys Australia at delivery to the feedlot, with no on-going costs to exhibitors during the event. You are paid as you would be selling to Feedlots at Entry.

Free Freight & BovlisFREE freight is available for producers to get steers to the feedlot. Trucks will run from North, East and Southern points with pickups at Centrally located saleyard points along main routes. Conditions apply and more information can be advised by contacting coordinators. We have new carriers this year in Shanahans Livestock Transport.

The feedback trial is a means to assist producers, learn how to better tailor their breeding and steer management methods to allow higher profitably for the producer, the feedlotter and the processor. The Feedback Trail has seen over 2000 steers go through the 112 day trial at Jindalee Feedlot at Stockinbingal, just east of Temora, in the past four years, with 600 head at its peak.

Cattle have been entered from as far North as Queensland, South to Central Victoria and west to Swan Hill, with some 23 different breeds and crosses competing over the six years. The Trial is the commercial reality of your cattle and what they can do and how they perform in feedlots.

Each exhibitor will be presented a bound hard copy of photos and feedback from induction, through feedlot performance to their carcase results and how the animals hang up individually and as a team.

Each team of five steers will enter trial on September 16, 2015, and meet strict entry criteria to encourage producers to select steers that fit the specs and also complete the necessary documentation required for the feedlots.

The trial is as much an educational process for producers as it is about the feedback. They will be guided and judged on how they present cattle to the feedlots, how they meet the systems in place in entering a feedlot and how their cattle perform.

Entry Specifications can be downloaded by clicking on the Specifications Tab above.

The steers are fed on Teys Australia 112 day Premium feeding regime and a Field Day will be on December 10 to watch the progression of the steers a month prior to processing at Teys Australia's Wagga plant on January 8.

The results and an award presentation dinner will be held in Wagga Wagga on Friday January 29, 2016.

Winners James and Sally Morse, "Wongalee", Molong, took out 1st and 2nd place in the 2015 Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial. Pictured with Certified Angus group CEO Kate Brabin, Eurongilly and The land Livestock manager Brett Tindal, Wagga Wagga.

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