Nindigully Campdraft | Photos

St George Pony Club hosts Nindigully Campdraft and Rodeo

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St George Pony Club's David Tattam with the juvenile placegetters, Scott Wells, Thomas Wells, Cameron Southern and Jack Southern.

St George Pony Club's David Tattam with the juvenile placegetters, Scott Wells, Thomas Wells, Cameron Southern and Jack Southern.


There were almost 350 first round runs at the St George Pony and Riding Club's Nindigully campdraft and rodeo on Saturday.


​The St George Pony and Riding Club hosted a one-day campdraft, gymkhana and rodeo at Nindigully on Saturday. The day was well supported with almost 350 first round runs in the campdraft.

“Special thanks to Peter, Matthew and Ben Hill and family from Goorarooman, Thallon, who kindly loaned and carted the cattle for the campdraft and to Paul Southern from Weengallon who supplied the bucking stock for the night time rodeo,” co-organiser Sandy Southern said. 

“Many children away at boarding school took advantage of the long weekend, coming home to compete on the day.

“Patrons enjoyed a delicious meal on Saturday evening at the hall and bar on the hill while watching the thrills and spills of the rodeo followed by Saturday night football on the big screen.”

Photos by Sandy Southern. 


Novice 1

1st Paul Southern – Cool Little Mary

2nd Peter Hill – Celeste

2nd Kevin Southern – Lego

2nd David Tattam – Major Mitchell

5th Ben Williamson – Marnies Girl

6th Bill Gordon – Jaspo

7th Kate Southern – Pepto Rose

8th Kevin Southern – Haymac Highlight

Novice 2

1st Bernie Southern – Bins Treason

2nd Bill Gordon – Jaspo

3rd Kate Southern – Highphalutin

4th Kevin Southern – Lego

5th Kevin Southern – Heza Acre

5th Jason Cookson – Dillinger

5th Braden Tattam – Hazelwood Marlena

8th Bill O’Neill – Woolerina Drummer

8th Shane Rollins – G I Jimmy


1st Scott Wells – Conlin

2nd Thomas Wells – Convert

3rd Cameron Southern – Dreamtime

4th Jack Southern – Flamin Acres

4th Scott Wells – Ash

4th Jack Southern – Flame

4th Thomas Wells – Hope

4th Gabriella Murphy – Wanderer


1st Sam Southern – Laddy

2nd Ellie Birney – Nicoletta

3rd Primrose Carrigan – Lilly

4th Sam Southern – Playgirl

5th Bobby-Jo Tattam – Little Quarter

6th Mitchell Southern – Reason

Under 8 Steer Ride

1st Corey Rollins

2nd William Gordon

3rd Charlie Gordon

3rd Fred Eley

5th Charlie McIntosh

8 – 11 Steer Ride

1st Mitchell Southern

11 – 14 Steer Ride

1st Sam Southern

2nd Jack Southern

3rd Scott Wells

4th Max Eley

5th Alan McNaulty

14 – 18 Steer Ride

1st Warwick Southern

Open Steer Ride

1st Warwick Southern

2nd Mitchell Southern

3rd Jack Southern

3rd Thomas Wells

3rd Scott Wells

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