Get some beef into you, Dame Edna tells Australian women | Video

Get some beef into you, Dame Edna tells Australian women

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The delightful Dame Edna is heading up the beef industry's latest marketing campaign.

The delightful Dame Edna is heading up the beef industry's latest marketing campaign.


The latest beef marketing campaign has hit the nail on the head.


WITH consumer perception research strongly pointing to both nutrition and ease-of-preparation being top priority for dinner choices, the latest beef marketing campaign has hit the nail on the head.

Meat and Livestock Australia’s Dame Edna-led package bundles up the message that beef is the best source of fuel of busy Australian women.

Not only is it quick to prepare but it comes with the iron they need to fight off that all-too-familiar worn out feeling.

A little bit raunchy and a fair bit funny, the Dame Edna ad is set to raise eyebrows and get tongues wagging in typical MLA marketing fashion. 

Using a range of communication channels, the campaign positions beef as a nutrient-rich source of fuel that can cater to even the busiest of lifestyles, according to MLA.

MLA Group Marketing Manager Andrew Howie said with Australians leading increasingly busier lifestyles, it is important to demonstrate that beef is a perfect solution for a healthy, mid-week family meal.

“The speed of modern life is relentless and too often when feeling rundown and tired we blame our time-poor lifestyles, despite research showing that the actual reason for one in three women feeling a bit flat is they are not getting enough iron from their diet,” Mr Howie said.

“In partnership with the iconic Dame Edna, we set out to prove there is no better natural source of iron for the modern busy woman than beef.”

Mr Howie said the consistent messaging around the nutritional benefits of beef were having a positive impact with consumers, however, MLA research had shown despite this and the versatility of beef, Australians don’t perceive it to be quick and easy to prepare in a meal.

“The challenge remains to demonstrate beef’s credentials at a very practical level by reinforcing its role in the mid-week family meal,” Mr Howie said

“We have developed the ‘Beef-15’ mid-week meal platform which sets out a wide range of healthy beef meals that can be prepared in just a few simple steps, in 15 minutes or less. And that’s 15 real minutes - not celebrity chef minutes.

“We are committed to creating marketing campaigns that are guided by research and data and that are effective in driving demand for red meat – campaigns that ultimately deliver returns to producers at farm gate.”

As well as the Dame Edna video content the campaign delivers its core message of 15 minute beef meals along the consumer’s entire path-to-purchase, including small and large format outdoor advertising, radio and TV advertising, recipe information and point of sale material in butchers.

The campaign also features a recipe partnership with – Australia’s leading meals website. This partnership leverages the huge amount of online traffic searching for quick and easy meals by sponsoring Taste’s “quick and easy” recipe collection and pushing consumers through to the 15 minute beef meals that MLA has developed.


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