Top score for clip of the year

Cluny scores top score in Elders Southern Clip of the Year


Cluny, Tasmania, has been crowned the 2017 Elders Southern Clip of the Year.


A stylish 156 bale clip grown at Cluny, Tasmania, has been crowned the 2017 Elders Southern Clip of the Year after receiving one of the highest scores in the competition’s 26 year history.

The impressive clip was backed-up by “exceptional measurements”, averaging 18.5 micron, 76.4 per cent yield, 0.2 vegetable matter and 48 newtons per kilotex.

The Weasel Plains’ property, which is owned by the Bowden family, runs 12000 Merino ewes, Roseville Park and Oakhampton bloodlines, which average six kilograms of 18 micron wool.

The flock is shorn in August, with property manager Peter Hansch attributing the southern state’s “extraordinary” spring season and meticulous wool and sheep classing to the results.

“The season was a bumper and the sheep grew a lot of wool,” Mr Hansch said.

Weasel Plains wool classer Jodie Bryant said producing such an impressive clip was a team effort, from genetic selection to shearing shed staff skills.

Elders showfloor manager Mal Nicholls said the Bowden’s “great” clip immediately attracted the attention of buyers, and was “exceptionally” prepared with just 11.4pc of skirting and oddments.  

Mr Nicholls said the relevance of the awards had never been greater.

“The importance of an evenly bred clip, and the quality of the work carried out by the workers in the when and even the conditions in the sheds themselves, is extremely important,” he said.

“We look for clips that would command the wool buyers attention and then check to see it is backed up by the preparation and paperwork.”

Elders Southern Clip of the Year monthly winners were:

July/August: The Burrupa Pty Ltd clip of Bill, David & Richard Bibby and classed by Cassandra Greenwood.

The clip was even in all respects was well presented and scored quite highly in all area’s including the classing and the speciifications.

September: Cluny, Weasel Plains, Tasmania, of Richard, Judith, Scott and Kate Bowden classed by Jodie Bryant.

The clip gained maximum points in a number of the judged categories including style.  

October: L Gleeson and Sons, of Butch, Dennis and Garry Gleeson, and classed by Dennis Gleeson.

The clip was outstanding for style and presentation.

November: Pendarra, of Kelvin and Jackie Pendergast, and classed for the first time by Darren Hayward.

The clip was well classed and scored top points for style.

December: Sonic Hose, of Greg and Lois Hose, and classed by Joy Hardefeldt.

The clip showed great tensile strength and low midpoint breaks.

January: Roger and Dianne Napier, classed by Darrell Parham.

The clip displayed great evenness throughout all of the judged criteria. 

February: Echo Cottage, clip of Alan, Jenny and Troy Johnston, classed by Scott Zantuck.

The clip was commended for style and productivity. 

March: Warooka Pastoral Co Pty Ltd  clip of John and Joan Lyons, classed by Carmen McNeilly.

The winner for March is a clip that had great style and scored top points for preparation.

April: Thurles Partnership clip of Tim and Carla Doyle, classed by Emma Vaughan.

The clip had great style and was well classed with faultless specifications.  

May: Pendower clip, of John and Kerry Doyle, classed by David Buttler.

The clip was stylish and well-presente.  

June: Everard, Marilyn, Matthew and Libby Linke, classed by Everard Linke.

The clip had an outstanding sale with two lines being awarded 1PP status. The effort put into the presentation of this clip was second to none and they have been previous winners of the clip of the year.


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