Snow delight in southern NSW | Photos

Snow delight in southern NSW


'Blizzard of Oz' dumps snow on the Snowy Mountains and further afield.


Skiers and snowboarders at the Snowy Mountains were buffeted by the strongest wind gusts since last year this weekend during the so-called 'Blizzard of Oz'.

Weatherzone meteorologist Tom Hough said weather at the Snowy Mountains would ease through the week after being smashed by blizzard conditions.

"The top wind gust for what was recorded over the weekend was at Thredbo, which was 133 km/h," Mr Hough said.

"Which is obviously pretty gusty. That was actually the strongest gust in over a year."

Mr Hough said the major resorts had copped over 70cm of snow since Saturday.

The strong winds and cold fronts had helped create the near white-out conditions which shut down most parts of the resorts late Saturday afternoon.

"There should be a small amount this [coming] weekend. We've got a few weaker fronts passing over the region," Mr Hough said.

Selwyn spokesperson Angela Murdoch said they'd received over half a metre of snow over the weekend thanks to "a visit from 'the blizzard of Oz".

"The mountain certainly looks like a winter wonderland, and will offer forgiving conditions," Ms Murdoch said.

"It's quite a transformation. Further snowfalls are predicted for over this weekend too."

Perisher spokesperson Melisha Liegl said they'd received over a metre of snow since Thursday, with 40cm falling in the early hours of Monday morning.

"Some people were up to their hips in snow in some areas so the energy around the resort is just amazing," Ms Liegl said.

Ms Liegl said most of Perisher had remained open despite the windy conditions.

"A lot of people actually enjoyed being in those conditions, so it wasn't a huge impact on people's experiences," she said.

Thredbo spokesperson Susie Diver echoed Ms Liegl: the blizzard conditions had done little to dampen skiers' spirits.

"There are smiles form ear to ear; loads of happy people up there," Ms Diver said.

"The snow started in the early horus of Friday morning and between now and then we've had [1.2 metres] of snow."

Thredbo, Perisher and Selwyn predicted good conditions for this coming weekend.

Elsewhere across the Alps and the Central Tablelands also received a dusting.

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