Shark certified ATV helmet

Shark release world first fully certified ATV helmet

Lee Kernaghan ambassador for Yamaha

Lee Kernaghan ambassador for Yamaha


Lee Kernaghan swaps his hat for a helmet to promote ATV safety


LEE Kernaghan ambassador for Yamaha is a believer in helmet use.

“I never want to see my boys or anyone really riding around without a helmet on,” 

“I want to encourage everyone to wear a helmet, they are not only doing themselves a favour they are doing it for their family,” said Mr Kernaghan. 

In a world first a fully certified helmet has been developed for utility all terrain vehicles (ATV) in Australian and New Zealand farming conditions. 

Scott McNally from motor cycle accessory company Ficeda said only twenty percent of ATV riders wear a helmet

With an average of 15 fatalities per year five of these would have been prevented if they were wearing a helmet he said.

Ficeda surveyed farmers through Yamaha dealers and field days to gain insight into helmet use. 

World first fully certified helmet for ATVs by Shark helmets

World first fully certified helmet for ATVs by Shark helmets

The research said that farmers didn't want to wear a helmet due to "too hot, too heavy, hard to get on and off & can't hear animals," he said.

Mr McNally said that Ficeda Accessories then approached Shark Helmets with the brief to design a helmet that was both fully certified and fit for use in Australian ATV use conditions. 

This resulted in the newly released Shark ATV helmet.

Alex Picard from Shark Helmets said that the helmet was made from a composite fibre shell that weighs in at a light 1200 grams.

The unique shell design incorporates four different foam densities for maximum protection whilst allowing for six large ventilation holes to ensure the helmet remains cool, he said.

Certified to ECE 22-05 and DOT full on road standards the helmet will allow for farmers moving bikes on gazetted roads.

Other features advertised include ear pods which allow for better awareness of surroundings, an easy use buckle and removable lining. 

Mr McNally said that it was also important to use helmets in side by side vehicles (SSV) not just ATVs.

Ficeda is a subsidiary of Yamaha Motors Australia.

To order a helmet contact your Ficeda Accessories dealer.

Sharon O’Keeffe travelled to Brisbane as a guest of Yamaha. She was provided ATV training and a Shark helmet as part of the Yamaha Kodiak ATV media launch.

Lee Kernaghan swaps his hat for a helmet


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