Ballarat to get one final chance at snow

Ballarat to get one final chance at snow

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If we are going to get any more snow, it will most likely have to fall this morning.


UPDATE, TUESDAY 8AM: If we are going to get any snow, it will most likely have to fall this morning.

The Bureau of Meteorology  forecasts snow could fall as low as 400m in the morning, although that will rise to 800m in the afternoon.

There is still the chance of a thunderstorm during the morning and afternoon, possibly bringing hail.

A top of eight degrees is forecast after yesterday’s top of 8.5 at 11am.

However, for most of the day the mercury sat between 3-5 degrees.

There was some snow recorded around Ballarat yesterday, although the small amount that fell in the city was not even close to settling on the ground.

UPDATE, MONDAY 8PM: What a day of weather it has been for Ballarat! While the snow was never able to build up densely on the ground, there was still a healthy fall of white dust which coated the city’s CBD as well as a few high altitude locations around the region. 

Be prepared for it to happen all over again tomorrow Ballarat, because the Bureau of Meteorology is again predicting early snow fall for areas above 400m. 

UPDATE, 3.30PM: Ballarat Highway Patrol member Acting Senior Sergeant Ben Young has called on all Ballarat motorists to take care when driving in icy conditions.

"Hail and ice on the road makes the surface slippery and it's important drivers are aware of this," he said.

"We encourage drivers to pay extra attention to this. Be aware of your surroundings."

UPDATE, 2.30PM: There has been a light sprinkling of snow in the Ballarat CBD.

A small amount fell about 2.30pm, although it was also combined with hail.

It was not heavy enough to settle on the ground.

At 2.30pm, the ‘feels like’ temperature was -7.8

EARLIER, 1PM: There are early reports of snow falling near Ballarat.

Light snow has been reported at Clarkes Hill, in between Bungaree and Newlyn.

There has also been snow reported in Daylesford, Creswick, Gordon, Warrenheip and many small towns to the north-east of Ballarat.

Heavy hail was also reported from a brief period in Wendouree about 12.30pm, although there has been little in the Ballarat CBD.

At 12.30pm, the temperature fell to just 5.2 degrees, although the ‘feels like’ temperature sat at -4.8 degrees.

The Bureau of Meteorology initially said the heaviest snow was likely to fall this afternoon and into the evening.

Altitudes around Ballarat, according to

  • Mt Buninyong – 754m
  • Mt Warrenheip – 746m
  • Leonard’s Hill (near Daylesford) – 740m
  • Clarkes Hill – 718m
  • Mt Misery (near Beaufort) – 686m
  • Daylesford – 576m
  • Gordon – 564m
  • Ballarat – 435m

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Mollongghip (video by Renne Williamson)

Trentham (video by Leanne Cartledge)

Gordon (video by John and Tracey Gorman)

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