Springtime snow and hail across the Border

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Stanley residents woke this morning to a dusting of springtime snow throughout the town.

Resident Tarnz Thomas moved to Stanley, near Beechworth, eight months ago and had never experienced snow in her backyard before. 

“I wasn’t really expecting it,” she said.

“A few times people have said it will snow and it never did so I’m more a believe it when I see it person.

“Then I opened the curtain this morning and was all excited!”

The Bureau of Meteorology predicted snow at 300m on Monday, with potential snowfall could continue on Tuesday. 

The Great Alpine Road, near Harrietville remains out of use, and VicRoads has closed the Omeo Highway between Omeo and Mitta MItta and the Benambra-Corryong Road due to heavy snowfall.

“Yesterday it was raining and there was a bit of snow yesterday afternoon,” Miss Thomas said.

“Then at some stage last night or in the early hours of this morning it came.

“It’s been on and off – it got quite thick at one stage and now it’s stopped but there’s still snow on the ground.”

A severe weather warning has been issued for the region with storms predicted to continue and damaging winds forecast for the alpine region.

Falls Creek reported 32cm falls overnight, and 42cm total for Monday’s storm

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