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Nuts and bolts - weekly machinery news


Bosch and Bayer replace weedseeker, Massey Feguson telehandler, Silvan sprayer, Bale lifter, 3 in 1 chaser bin, photos from PBI Narrabri, Fast spray application


Replacement for Weedseekeer?

SMART spraying may just be a concept, however with German giants Bosch and Bayer behind it, a concept may be turned into reality sooner then you think.

In a recent announcement multinational companies Bosch and Bayer said they will reveal details of their research concept “Smart Spraying” at Agritechnica this November.

“Smart Spraying” will combine weed identification technology, algorithmic decision making and automated spray technology into one machine, the companies announced. 

In essence the concept will allow a machine to spot spray weeds, in the paddock, with different chemicals or mixes of chemicals depending on species identified .

Bosch said what sets their concept technology apart from previous systems, will be that it can distinguish between crop species and weeds. 

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Get a handle on it

FOR farmers looking for an easier way to shift bales, Massey Ferguson has introduced a new model to the MF TH Telehandler range. 

Massey Feguson said in a release the TH7038 Telehandler will meet the high capacity requirements of farmers.

The telehandler is able to lift the heaviest high density bales and will offer fast and efficient cycles for loading with the power to tow a loaded trailer, it said. 

Massey Ferguson said the TH7038 has a lift capacity of 3.8 tonne with a maximum lift height of 7 metres. 

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Silvan go the extra mile

FOR an intensive horticulture grower, matching equipment to a specific crop and system is essential, so businesses which go the extra mile are appreciated. 

Alligator Creek vegetable and speciality basil grower, Quin Nguyen chose to seek advice direct from his local Tracpower dealer to find a tailored match for his business.

Townsville Tracpower dealer Bob Lauro along with Silvan horticultural specialist and area manager, Frank Torrisi provided advice to Mr Nguyen  taking into account the scale, inputs and growing intensity of his enterprise.

These discussions resulted in the purchase of a  Silvan Super Series linkage sprayer with a 1,100 litre Polytuff tank. 

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Deere buy startup Blue River

PRECISION Planting may have been left at the altar due to antitrust concerns, however jilted lover John Deere has moved on to Blue River.

This week Agco announced it has finalised the purchase of North American drill equipment specialist Precision Planting, while John Deere announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Blue River Technology.

Deere & Company, president of agricultural solutions and chief information officer, John May said the company welcomed the opportunity to work with Blue River which is considered a leader in applying machine learning to agriculture.

"As a leader in precision agriculture, John Deere recognises the importance of technology to our customers. Machine learning is an important capability for Deere's future,” he said.

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Ag innovator lifts the bale

THE front end loader has been freed up with a new invention by Daysdale sheep producer Peter Mills. 

A nominee for the 2017 Henty Agri-Innovators Award the ute hay bale lifter is designed to make feeding out round bales on the farm easier.

Mr Mills said the lifter was ideal for feeding out hay without the need for a front-end loader or tractor fitted with forks.

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Chaser bin put to work as a spreader

FINDING an eleven month parking spot for the chaser bin may not be a problem with a new multi-purpose three-in-one chaser bin.

The Coolamon All Rounder is a world first multi-purpose combination that will be useful all year round, said Coolamon Chaser Bins, general manager, Heath Hutcheon.

“The All Rounder functions as a chaser bin at harvest time, a seed-super unit at sowing time and a fertiliser spreader throughout the year.’’

“The All Rounder effectively replaces two other machines in the machinery shed.

“The price of machinery these days is such a burden on farmers, so if we can reduce their machinery from three to two or even one, that has definitely got merit and is a value add to farmers,” he said. 

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Fast spray applicator

Fast spray applicator

Fast and accurate fertiliser application

DESIGNED “by farmers, for farmers” the Fast liquid fertiliser applicator range is now available through Sprayerbarn.

Sprayerbarn director Daniel Szymkow said they are now distributing both the 8000 and 8200 Fast liquid fertiliser applicators across Australia.

Mr Szymkow said the system is designed to be used in-crop.

“It only cuts a very fine slot, so there is no crop damage.”

“Fast has toolbar flex and hydraulic wing kick, these features mean ease of operation in all terrain and all soil types,” he said.

Mr Syzmkow said he said liquid injection was a good fit for cropping systems. 

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