Malaysia suspends three Australian red meat processors

Malaysia suspends three Australian red meat processors


Beef and sheepmeat imports from three suppliers suspended.


MALAYSIA has suspended the imports of beef and sheepmeat from three Australian suppliers.

Australia's Department of Agriculture confirmed the suspensions.

On 18 August 2017, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources was made aware through the Malaysia’s Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) website that three Australian export meat establishments had been suspended. 

The suspensions are related to an audit conducted in May 2017.

The department is working directly with the affected Australian establishments and DVS in Malaysia to achieve the earliest resolution possible, according to a department spokesperson.

“It is not uncommon in international trade for establishments to be suspended or lose listing on occasion due to non-compliances or changes in arrangements in overseas markets,” the spokesperson said.

International media reports say one of the processors involved is Thomas Foods International, based in South Australia, however the business today declined to comment.

Meat and Livestock Australia says South East Asia is a fast growing destination for Australian red meat, with their meat consumption steadily rising in line with the region’s economic development and population increase. 

Australia is the second largest beef exporter by volume to Malaysia after India.


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