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Blair Angus

Blair Angus


Beef Australia 2018 wants a diverse range of participants engaging as members of our industry.


It is my belief that being a part of the beef industry doesn’t end until that moment beef is savoured. 

In Canberra last week, politicians and industry representatives extolled the strengths of the beef industry, $15 billion in export revenue and the employment of almost 500,000 people.

It gets me to wondering where do they start and stop the count?

We have worked hard to make sure Beef Australia is relevant to every person involved with our industry.

Beef 2018 is shaping up to display the culmination of those efforts.

It astounds me every day the people who want to be a part of Beef Australia.

The celebrity chef restaurant has been so successful that chefs are ringing us to be a part of the show.

The trade fair sold out in days and the generosity and range of sponsors continues to amaze us.

The diversity of keen participants is a true reflection of our goal – to bring the entire beef industry together.

It is the saddlers alongside the oven makers, the chefs alongside the stockmen, the agtech company alongside the craftsmen butchers – all with one goal in common, to promote and grow beef.

We want more and more people engaging as a member of our beef industry.

We want more foodies to have the opportunities to not only engage with beef as a product but also to engage with beef producers and equally we want beef producers to have the opportunity to engage with the people that savour their product.

Don’t forget your Beef Australia membership gives you front row tickets to that engagement. Visit our website and keep in touch on social media.

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