Whole supply chain benefits from ag

Whole supply chain benefits from ag

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When agriculture is doing well, it hoists up a lot of other businesses with it, writes Prime Super CEO, Lachlan Baird.


I’m thrilled to support National Agriculture Day both professionally and personally.

I grew up on farm in country Victoria so supporting a day dedicated to celebrating the best of agriculture has a special place in my heart.

I’ve seen first-hand the role farming plays in the prosperity of a family, community and region.

Lachlan Baird, CEO, Prime Super.

Lachlan Baird, CEO, Prime Super.

I also know that it’s not all roses and that our farmers face tough times whether it be drought, wild weather or bushfires.

Yet despite all of this, they always band together and pull through and it’s this sense of community and mateship that makes this industry so special.

However, agriculture is not just about the farmers. It’s about the entire ecosystem that they support and that support them.

It’s also the pickers, the packers, the transport companies, the processors – the complete agriculture supply chain that benefit from a strong, vibrant and healthy agricultural industry.  

As the CEO of Prime Super, the affinity with the agricultural industry remains.

Prime Super was established through the amalgamation of a number of smaller super funds and remains dedicated to servicing industries in rural and regional Australia.

We have a long and rewarding partnership with the National Farmers Federation and with the farming bodies in each state.

Then of course there are our members and employers who are predominately from the agricultural industry in regional Australia.

It’s wonderful that the Australian community is coming together to recognise and celebrate the work and contribution that our farmers and agricultural industry makes to our wonderful country.

I’m thrilled to be involved and look forward to participating in the celebrations on 21 November.

- Lachlan Baird is the CEO of Prime Super.


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