Wagyu breeders gather for AGM

Faces of Australian Wagyu's 2017 AGM


The 2017 Australian Wagyu Association’s AGM was held at the University of Queensland’s Gatton campus this week.

The 2017 Australian Wagyu Association’s AGM was held at the University of Queensland’s Gatton campus on Monday and Tuesday. 


In addition to the AGM, there was a tour of the UQ Animal Genetics/Geneseek Laboratories and a series of workshops on using the current and latest DNA tests to assist Wagyu breeders with breeding and commercial applications. There was also guest speakers including MLA’s Hamish Chandler who spoke about MLA’s vision for genetic improvement in beef cattle, plus professor Rob Banks, AGBU, professor Ben Hayes, University of Queensland, doctor Stewart Bauck, GeneSeek/Neogen, Darren Hamblin and Carel Teseling.

The AGM, workshop and tour was held over two days with a dinner event following the AGM.

“All the Wagyu breeders and industry professionals coming along to this event have the opportunity to increase their skills and understanding in using the Wagyu associations genetic tools, plus resources and to see where and how their precious samples and DNA are stored and analysed for use in genetic testing,” Australian Wagyu Association CEO Matt McDonagh said.

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