No extension will equal no profit to farmers

RDC focus on extension of research

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Cotton Research and Development Corporation executive director, Bruce Finney

Cotton Research and Development Corporation executive director, Bruce Finney


RDC focus on extension of research


RESEARCH needs to deliver on farm to make growers and producers a profit.

An independent report on family-operated beef businesses released  this week shows the majority of profit is being generated by only 25 per cent of producers.

That, according to industry leaders, is stark evidence of the slump in on-farm productivity as a result of low adoption.

Red Meat Advisory Council chair Don Mackay said where state governments had walked away from the extension job, industry had not yet picked up the ball.

“Within minutes of something becoming available producers should be running with it,” he said.

The Grains Research Development Corporation (GRDC) makes a series of extension investments including workshops, updates and direct funding of research projects. 

It’s annual report indicates the investments are well received and attended, but reporting does show a lack of consistent approach with spend varying between states, providers and topics.

Horticulture Innovation, also lacks consistent patterns of extension spend, with variations between segments.

The Cotton Research Development Corporation (CRDC) seems to have the most mature model, working in partnership with industry with a high degree of transparency. 

Cotton Info is a joint venture between Cotton Australia, the CRDC and Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd. 

Recognising the importance of funding people as well as resources, Cotton Info employees 21 technical extension specialists to act as a resources to growers and agronomists in the industry. 

CRDC, executive director, Bruce Finney said the cohesion and collaboration of the cotton industry allows better delivery to growers. 

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