Nationwide mandatory reports for pig movements

PigPass mandatory reporting of pig movements goes national

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PigPass becomes law in all state and territories


MANDATORY reporting of pig movements will become law in all state and territory governments from February 1.

PigPass links pigs to a property of origin using a Property Identification Code (PIC), registered pig identification (ear tags or tattoos), and pig movement documentation in the form of a National Vendor Declaration (NVD).

PigPass brings pigs into line with the National Livestock Identification Scheme for cattle and sheep, which were implemented progressively starting in 2004.

Australian Pork Limited policy manager Deb Kerr said mandatory reporting of all pig movements recognises the importance of a robust traceability system.

“Australia’s valuable pork export market, worth approximately $136 million, relies on our herd remaining disease-free, so we need effective biosecurity measures in place to maintain consumer confidence in Australian pork,” Ms Kerr said.

“PigPass has been designed in partnership with industry to make it quick and easy to record pig movements.”

Meat processors must ensure all pigs received have a completed PigPass and close the loop on traceability by entering the originating sender’s serial number from PigPass online and completing all the required information.

As a legal declaration, PigPass includes critical information to ensure food safety and traceability. From  February 1 processing any pigs that do not have a completed PigPass could result in a penalty notice.

PigPass will ensure that the transport of pigs meets traceability requirements for optimising any emergency disease outbreak response.

“We need effective biosecurity measures in place to maintain consumer confidence in our valuable export market,” Ms Kerr said.

“PigPass will help to quickly determine the source of a disease outbreak and notify pig owners to protect animals and most importantly, stop the spread of disease.”

Visit or call Australian Pork Limited on 1800 001 458 for more information.


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