Global giants team up over data

Monsanto, Case IH and New Holland to share farm data


Monsanto, Case IH and New Holland to share farm data


TWO global giants have teamed up in a bid to more efficiently share, manage and control farm data.

CNH Industrial, parent company of brands Case IH and New Holland has announced a partnership with Monsanto’s Climate Corporation.

The announcement stated the partnership  will extend and develop a portfolio of data sharing capabilities to help farmers with real-time agronomic visualisation and decision-making solutions.

Going forward, users of the Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect and New Holland’s Precision Land Management (PLM) Connect, telematics platforms will have two way connectivity with the Climate Corporation’s FieldView digital agriculture platform. 

In the announcement, CNH Industrial stated the partnership will offer customers unique functionality by merging real-time machine and field data, including agronomic prescriptions. 

“To date, this integration with Climate FieldView provides one of the most extensive data sets available,” it said. 

“This additional level of real-time data connectivity will enable agribusinesses to fine tune field operations to further enhance their in-field productivity and efficiency across their existing machinery fleets.”

CNH Industrial, head of precision solutions and telematic systems, David Larson said the partnership will further empower growers to drive productivity, efficiency and profitability of their farming operations. 

“This partnership comprises opt-in two way data sharing through the Climate FieldView platform and offers one of the highest levels of integration and interaction in the market today,” he said. 

“It is the most recent example of how CNH Industrial is investing in precision farming, a driving principal of our agricultural innovation program.”

The announcement said CNH Industrial foresee further development to the products to allow dealers additional tools to proactively support their customers. 

“Both companies are working to enable farmers the ability to share real-time machine information with their local Case IH or New Holland dealer, in order for them to receive support even more quickly,” it said. 

Climate Corporation, global commercial senior vice president, John Raines said the company is the collaboration would result in farmers gaining a better understanding of their fields. 

“We are committed to helping every farmer get all their data in one place, including the data generated from their farming equipment, so they can experience deeper field insights,” he said.

Customers who use Climate FieldView, provided through Case IH and New Holland dealers, will see additional features within their Climate FieldView Cab application throughout the course of 2018, said the CNH Industrial announcement.

This is not the Climate Corporations first foray into partnership with a machinery manufacturer.

Last year John Deere attempted to purchase the Climate Corporation from Monsanto, however the sale was blocked by US regulators due to anti-trust concerns. 

A division of the Climate Corporation, Precision Planting, was however sold off the machinery giant Agco

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