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Kubota launch BX80 sub-compact tractor range

Kubota BX23S sub-compact tractor

Kubota BX23S sub-compact tractor


Kubota launch BX80 sub-compact tractor range


MARKET leader Kubota have launched a new range of sub-compact tractors as part of their autumn catalogue. 

Unveiled to dealers late last year, the BX80 range replaces the popular 70 series. 

Kubota Australia, product manager agriculture, Mark Basile said features of the new series included easier operation and improved implement attachment systems. 

“The BX80 series allows implements to be attached and detached faster and more conveniently without the use of pins,” he said.

BX Series front end loader attatchment

“We now have pinless attachment of our backhoe and front end loader.

“You can take the front end loader off without dismounting from the operators platform which is pretty amazing.”

Mr Basile said there were four tractors available in the range, all equipped with 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engines. 

Ranging in power from 13 to 19 kilowatts (18 to 25 horsepower), the BX1880, BX2380 and BX2680 have the option of a mower deck, front end loader and rear linkage implements.

While the 17 kW (23 hp) BX23S comes standard with a front-end loader and backhoe. 

“They are all Kubota built implements, manufactured out of the US factory,” Mr Basile said.

“We are giving customers a machine which can do a number of jobs around the property. 

“In the past they may have needed a number of machines.

If they purchase the BX80 series tractor they will only need one.”

Mr Basile said the BX23S was perfect for lifestyle property maintenance.

“Be it mowing lawns, digging trenches, slashing paddocks or moving things with the front end loader,” he said. 

“It’s a very reliable machine.

“Built with a Kubota diesel engine and is easy to operate. 

“You have one pedal control with the two range hydrostatic transmission.”

Mr Basile said comfort of the operator was an important consideration. 

“You get a high back comfortable seat and cruise control,” he said. 

“Full ergonomic control levers and a number of other things that allow you to sit on the tractor for a number of hours and remain comfortable.”

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