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GGL backs a change in name for feed barley

Barley producers are calling for higher quality grades of feed barley to be known as food barley.

Barley producers are calling for higher quality grades of feed barley to be known as food barley.


A change in the nomenclature regarding what is currently known as feed barley is needed according to Grain Growers.


WHAT is currently classed as feed one or feed two barley needs to be renamed food grade barley.

That is the opinion of Grain Growers (GGL) trade and economics manager Luke Mathews, who said growers had been giving his organisation strong feedback that the current system did not accurately reflect the end use for their product.

“They want a name reflective of the end use of the barley,” Mr Mathews said.

“In the case of F1 in particular we know that barley is used not just for stock feed but also for malting, particularly in China, which is a big market for us.”

“We know that has occurred for a long time, which has been a source of frustration, and we now think it is time the name of the barley better reflects this.”

Mr Mathews said Grain Growers did not want to see changes to the pricing of the top two tiers of feed barley.

Some growers have agitated for a price rise to feed barley to reflect the use in malt application, however traders have said that higher value usage is already factored into the pricing.

Mr Mathews said GGL was not entering the pricing debate, saying it only felt there needed to be a change in name.

“We think it is enough that the name changes so it more accurately reflects what the barley is being used for.

“These changes can be important means of bringing growers and end users closer together so everyone can better understand what a particular product can be used for.”

Mr Mathews said a change in the name would be especially valuable in attracting new customers.

“With existing customers they have an idea what the product can do, whatever it is called, but if we are bringing new customers to the table calling the product food barley shows without ambiguity what the barley can be used for.”

“We certainly see benefits in changing F1 and F2 grades to be known as food grade barley.”


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