Beef targets the mid-week, easy meal seeker

Beef targets the mid-week, easy meal seeker


Latest MLA domestic market campaign hits the spot.


Australian Beef will be promoted as a quick and easy meal option as part of Meat and Livestock Australia’s latest domestic marketing campaign.

Utilising the ‘Australian Beef. The Greatest’ brand platform, which was successfully launched a year ago, the latest marketing activities will reinforce and demonstrate beef’s versatility and ease through different cuts and cooking methods. The campaign will offer consumers tips and recipes to make quick and easy mid-week meals using beef.

The campaign will build on the existing year-round promotion of Australian beef, focusing on key messages to Australian shoppers over the winter months using a number of channels including TV, radio, online, as well as ‘path to purchase’ promotion.

The activities of this campaign will include:

  • A national TV advertising campaign in metro and regional Australia featuring the ‘Australian Beef. The Greatest’ commercial that focuses on the versatility of the product.
  • Inspiring recipe content to be consumed ‘on the go’ via smartphones and other devices.
  • A national ‘Australian Beef. The Greatest’ radio campaign focusing on the key afternoon time slot to target tonight’s meal preparers.
  • 'Path to purchase' channels such as outdoor advertising and shopping centre ad panels, showcasing quick and easy meals with Australian beef, with the aim of reminding shoppers to purchase beef for dinner tonight as they enter the retail outlet.
  • Local butchers able to support the campaign in-store through newly created point-of-sale material and video content.

The campaign will also include accredited practising dietitian and nutritionist Jaime Rose Chambers, who will help give Aussies some simple tips and quick, easy and nutritionally balanced recipes featuring Australian beef to get through the cooler months.

MLA Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Lisa Sharp said this latest round of domestic Beef marketing activities are influenced by the very latest consumer data and insights which point to the need to combat the single most important fresh meat category driver - ‘easy everyday’.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for proteins that they consider easy and convenient to use and this presents a significant opportunity for Australian beef to showcase its natural versatility and ease of use,” Ms Sharp said.

“Our marketing needs to be targeted and effective in order to drive demand for Australian Beef domestically and ultimately return value to our levy payers.

“Since its launch a year ago, our new brand platform of ‘Australian Beef. The Greatest’ has successfully tapped into the latest insights that point to the need to reinforce the natural strengths of Australian beef with consumers such as versatility, nutrition and provenance.

“For example, analysis of the latest data shows confidence to choose the right cut is a barrier at point of purchase for some consumers. This campaign will therefore feature a strong focus on helping consumers who have an ‘intent to buy’ beef and converting that into a purchase.”

Visit to view the five quick and easy recipes developed by Australian Beef and Jaime Rose Chambers to help Aussies boost their easy, winter cooking repertoire.


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