Checchi and Magli name gets a transplant

Inlon CAM Planters the rebranded Chechhi and Magli offering

ITALIAN STALLION: A complete CAM Unitrium Planter with two rows.

ITALIAN STALLION: A complete CAM Unitrium Planter with two rows.


Inlon CAM Planters replace the Checchi and Magli branding


WHILE LACKING Italian flair, Inlon’s rebranding of Checchi and Magli seedling transparent systems and plastic mulch layer machines should be popular with the linguistically challenged. 

Rebadged as CAM Planters, the name still pays homage to the company founded by Mr Checchi and Mr Magli. 

Inlon, managing director, Jim Jardim said from it’s small beginnings, CAM now had a wide range of planting and mulch machines.

‘Plastic mulch machinery is a fast-growing segment with increasing enquiries and sales over recent years,” he said.

“As well as the CAM Plastic Layer machine, we now have a Plastic Retriever machine and a Seed Planter for planting through plastic.

“With a 3-point linkage kit, it’s possible to lay plastic and plant in one pass.

“Another growing segment is equipment for small scale organic potato and garlic growers, and CAM Planters has developed a range of machines for these growers.” 

Mr Jardim said as well as offering complete planting machines, CAM also offer a Unitruim bolt on, allowing existing planters, of any brand, to be converted to the latest technology. 

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