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John Deere S780 a hit at AgQuip

SMARTY TRACKS: The new John Deere S780 harvester was on display at the Peel Valley Machinery site at Commonwealth Bank AgQuip.

SMARTY TRACKS: The new John Deere S780 harvester was on display at the Peel Valley Machinery site at Commonwealth Bank AgQuip.


The John Deere S780 was hit at Commonwealth Bank AgQuip


SMART header technology with a fit for control traffic systems was bound to be popular at Commonwealth Bank AgQuip. 

Peel Valley Machinery, director sales and marketing, Steve John said he was excited to have the new S780 header on-site.

“The S700 series were released late last year and this is the first to arrive in this area,” he said. 

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“They feature significantly more precision agriculture technology then the machines they replace.”

Wee Waa, salesman, David McDondald said the S780 on display was a tracked model.

“Moving to a tracked system gives you increased carrying capacity, increased flotation and less compaction,” he said.

“The one here comes on a three-metre centre which will fit into the market. 

Mr McDondald said maximum road speed on the tracks was about 40 kilometres and hour, while field conditions dropped down to between 13 and 15 km/hr.

Increased precision agriculture features are a hallmark of the new series.

Mr McDonald said a popular feature was the new hydro handle, which included a number of pre-programmable functions. 

“You can specifically customise the handle to do the functions you require in harvest applications,” he said. 

Mr McDondald said the new series had smart technology, allowing the sample to be continually monitored so automatic adjustments could be made as the crop changed.

“They now have cameras on the clean grain elevator and the repeat elevator so as you are doing your sample, while adjusting the machine to where you want it, you can lock that image in,” he said,

“The machine will then automatically calibrate itself and keep bringing the sample through the same as your initial request.”

Mr McDonald said he was looking forward to seeing the camera system in action.

“In the testing it has worked well, adjusting sieves, fans and rotor speeds, a good operator can get in there and fine tune the header to perform,” he said. 

“Then a more average operator can drive it through the rest of the day without a loss of performance.”

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