Frustrated farmers can own all the machinery with this upgrade

Farm Simulator 19 preview with video

TEAM GREEN: Farm Simulator 19 will integrate John Deere into the games options.

TEAM GREEN: Farm Simulator 19 will integrate John Deere into the games options.


Farm Simulator 19 about to be launched


TRACTOR tragics, diesel delinquents, frustrated farmers and kids, can now access over 300 simulated pieces of farm equipment, tractors and trailers, with the upcoming release of Farm Simulator 19. 

Touted as the complete farming experience, the game has racked up millions of fans across its PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and computer platforms. 

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Farm Simulator 19

In a media release, Giants Software said loyal partnerships with some of the biggest brands in agriculture had contributed to the success of the Farming Simulator series. 

“The franchise has always offered players the largest selection of vehicles and tools, and Farming Simulator 19 gets even bigger with brand new partnerships boosting the roster to more than 100 iconic brands.” it said.

“Every brand works closely with Giants Software to ensure meticulous attention to detail, identically reproducing every vehicle’s interior and exterior to offer the deepest farming experience possible.”

The release said the biggest additions to the simulator was John Deere, with the 6M, 6R, 7R, 8R and 8RT series tractors now included, along with the T560i and S790 harvesters. 

“Also in the garage are new vehicles to support Farming Simulator 19’s fantastic new features, the Case IH Module Express 635 cotton harvesters, cotton trailers, horse trailers, and much more.

“These join enhanced equipment like weeders and sprayers to interact with the new weed control systems.

“Renting of vehicles and equipment for testing and cosmetic customisation also make a return.”

The company said it had also redesigned the multiplayer modes, so up to 16 players can farm together or competitively. 

The Farming Simulator 19 will be available on the 20th of November.

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