Ruralco partners with Telstra

RuralCo sign digital deal with Telstra


RuralCo sign digital deal with Telstra


Agribusiness Ruralco recently signed a digital deal with Telstra, ensuring its 500 rural businesses remain connected. 

Bypassing other NBN solutions, the company will connect to Telstra’s SD-WAN platform. 

Ruralco said the multi-million dollar partnership would help its network deliver a better customer experience.

The company said the deal would result in increased bandwidth across its outlets, allowing the roll out of an updated point of sales and customer relationship management solution.

Under the agreement the entirety of Ruralco’s technology services will be with Telstra, including its 2,200 strong fleet of mobile devices. 

The company said the consolidation would simplify its operations, which were previously managed by different providers as separate bespoke solutions.

Ruralco, managing director and CEO, Travis Dillon said the Telstra solution would simplify and future proof Ruralco telecommunication and data needs.

“This is the first step in a new partnership with Telstra that will allow us to better service the needs of our customers and work more effectively with our staff and joint ventures,” he said.

“Telstra’s technology and experience in regional Australia make them an obvious partner for us.”

Telstra, enterprise Australia, chief customer officer John Ieraci, said Telstra has a long and proud history supporting customers and businesses in rural and regional Australia.

“By partnering with Ruralco we are helping to provide innovative technology services to the communities that provide critical services to the rest of the country,” he said. 

“This partnership demonstrates how serious we are about collaborating with our customers to deliver operational excellence to regional businesses.”

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