3000 for WVLX weaner feature

Mortlake plans on 3000 head in its first weaner feature


Since opening 12 months ago WVLX looks forward to its first feature weaner sale


WVLX stock agents are looking forward to their first feature weaner sale since the new Mortlake complex was opened 12 months ago.

Agents association president, Glenn Judd said his group was hopeful of assembling a yarding of 3000 weaners for their special Friday, January 4th pipe-opener, a yarding many of which are locally bred but have for years been trucked off for sale at other district selling centres.

“We have also received nominations from breeders further afield supportive of the new complex and its soft and over-head roof” Mr Judd said.

“Many of the vendors say they are prepared to back an investment in the future. We know the change will be slow but we have got time on our side” he said

Gauging by the few sales of weaner cattle that WVLX has offered in November sale Mr Judd said agents would be confident that prices between 290 to 320c/kg can be re-established for their steer lines. And, heifers they’d be hoping for a market about the 260 to 270c/kg mark, which is where recent prices appear to have stablized.  

“Our calves will be in excellent order, very fresh and very well grown on the back of a strong finish to the season”.

“We live in hope that summer rains will fall to encourage the broader participation of buyers at all sales, although we do tend to worry where the calves might go but they also manage to go somewhere, and generally it is at very satisfactory prices”.

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