Aussie release long range self prime pump version

Australian Pump Industries launch long range model

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Australian Pump Industries launch long range model


AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries have launched a self-priming pump capable of moving large amounts of water over extended periods. 

Aussie Pumps, product manager, Brad Farrugia said the 150 millimetre (6 inch) pump was version of the companies Quik Prime model QP602. 

Targeted at high volume transfer or flood irrigation applications, Mr Farrugia said the pump featured a 16 litre long range fuel tank with a run-time of 5 hours.

“Not having to refuel the pump frequently is a time saver for farmers with large volumes of water to transfer,” he said. 

“Not to mention the extra convenience as the pump can be left to run unattended for long periods, freeing up time for other activities.”

Mr Farrugia said the QP602 is capable of transferring up to 174,000 litres per hour.

“With a maximum vertical discharge of 23 metres, the big 6 inch pump can move water from a lower dam or river to the flood site or storage dam,” he said.

“The 6 inch pump features a huge open style, high grade cast iron impeller, capable of passing small solids up to 20mm in suspension

“t has the ability to draft water from depths of up to 7.6 metres, making it ideal for pumping from rivers, dams or tanks.

“Its unique high flow design makes it very efficient and gives it the ability to move water fast with minimal fuel.”​


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