Climate on the agenda for farmers

Australian Farm Institute conference on in June

Australian Farm Institute executive director Richard Heath

Australian Farm Institute executive director Richard Heath


The Australian Farm Institute is holding its mid year conference at Brisbane


Farming in a risky climate will be the theme of the Australian Farm Institutes mid year conference, with speakers set to tackle climate change, adaptive farming systems, biosecurity threats and water.

Held annually by the independent farm policy research group, the conference will feature six sessions over two days and is open to all farmers, researchers, agribusiness and industry personnel.

AFI executive director Richard Heath said this year the conference would examine the changing risk exposure farmers and industry will experience due to climate change.

"We have just completed a research project on the topic, looking at risk and how it applies to the agricultural sector and whether we have the tools to deal with that risk," he said.

"The risk environment agriculture is exposed to is changing, and it is changing rapidly."

Mr Heath said a great deal of the risk was linked to climate change, and while people may focus on weather and climate effects on crop production, such as droughts, floods and annual rainfall, the changing climate influenced risk more widely across the agricultural supply chain.

"It is not solely about production risk, external and associated risks such as ethical financing, consumer trust and marketing," he said.

Mr Heath said the conference was open to all with an interest in farm policy but he was particularly hoping to see a strong contingent of farmers.

"We want to hear from farmers who are experiencing climate risk on the ground, who are affected," he said.

"Virtually every session will involve a farmer panel that will act as the common sense check on the topic the speakers have covered, discussing what they are experiencing on the ground and in the impacts to their farming business."

The AFI conference - Farming in a Risky Climate, will be held in Brisbane on the 26th and 27th of June with further information and tickets available through the AFI website.


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