Ag technology matchmaker launching this week

New farmer focussed ag technology matchmaking site goes live this week


A new website designed to match farming enterprises with the best ag technology solution will be launched this week.


A website to help match producers with technology solutions will be launched this week.

The project is AgTech Finder, and it is the brainchild of KPMG and the Food Agility Co-Operative Research, based at the University of Technology in Sydney.

The head of Agrifood technology with KPMG, Ben van Delden, said the site's is designed to help farmers understand what tech solutions are out there.

"Fundamentally it's a matchmaking service which connects technology to farmers," Mr van Delden said.

"It also creates an opportunity for rural services and organisations to participate in the delivery of ag tech solutions to farmers. The ones that are often asked the question 'What is the right technology for my environment?'

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"An example of how we see this working is a farmer who wants to understand what technology is available, for example, to help them to better assess when they need to plant their crop. Be it a climate assessment tool, that is going to have a variety of sensors involved, including saw moisture, but also ingesting data around temperature and atmospheric conditions.

Technology matchmaker" KPMG's Ben van Delden.

Technology matchmaker" KPMG's Ben van Delden.

Fundamentally it's a matchmaking service which connects technology to farmers - Ben van Delden - KPMG Agrifood.

"So what this tool does is tell the farmer 10 solutions that, for example, meet the needs they have described. {Then] get some background on each of those solutions and where they can get get more information about the technology. Behind this there is a Youtube clip you can see it and [information about where] you could actually go to physically see it."

Mr van Delden said when designing the Ag Tech Finder site they worked hard to make sure it was simple and easy to access and use.

That is one of the key things, that busy farmers just want the fundamentals resolved," He said.

"There are lots of bells and whistles, but [just] one or two key things that are really important for farmers. We have been working on this for about seven months, [but] the concept we've been validating over the last 18 months to two years.

"That started with KPMG's database of 480 Australian origin ag tech solutions, and we have then gone to the market and asked who else wants to be on this website."

To register with AgTech Finder click here.

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