Weedseeker sequel smarter and faster

Trimble and McIntosh launch the new Weedseeker 2

Spot spray: The new generation WeedSeeker 2 spot spraying system claims a faster
response time, capable of picking up a two centimetre weed target at 20km an hour.

Spot spray: The new generation WeedSeeker 2 spot spraying system claims a faster response time, capable of picking up a two centimetre weed target at 20km an hour.


Trimble and McIntosh have launched the Weedseeker 2


Intelligent sensors, which adapt to their environment, promise to deliver improved weed detection by the much anticipated next generation Weedseeker optical spot sprayer.

Trimble regional development manager for the Australian agriculture division Adam Wall said Trimble was excited to announce the Weedseeker 2.

"This next generation system has been developed leveraging Weedseeker's 25 years of weed killing experience," he said.

"Australian growers were some of the first in the world to start using Weedseeker, and quickly recognised the benefits of the technology."

Mr Wall said the Weedseeker 2 included market leading features, such as sensor intelligence, which had been developed in response to Australian customer feedback.

"In the past the system had to be re-calibrated every time field conditions changed, WeedSeeker 2 intelligent sensors automatically adjust for these changes after a single calibration upon powering on," he said.

"The days of having to stop and calibrate the system are gone. Automatic calibration takes care of this on the run, ensuring all sensors are running as accurately as possible for the conditions."

Mr Wall said the technology was now ISOBUS compatible, giving the operator the option of interfacing through the ISO display already in the tractor.

"Weed mapping, when used in conjunction with Trimble's GFX-750 or an ISO compatible display allows customers to pinpoint and record where and when weeds are treated in the paddock, extremely valuable information to help control and manage weed resistance," he said.

"The Weedseeker 2 solution's intelligence and market-leading features are unparalleled in the industry today, ensuring that the original spot spraying system and its users will remain ahead of the curve for years to come."

Weedseeker distributor, McIntosh Distribution's Scott Jameson said testing of the technology in Australia, North America and Argentina had showed strong results.

"New technology and demonstrations are now under way in Australia," he said.

"It was pleasing to see that the WeedSeeker 2 sensors were 50 per cent lighter and are now spaced at 50 centimetre intervals."

Mr Jameson said the ability to easily retrofit the sensor to existing self-propelled and trailed sprayers was a real feature.

"Not being limited to mounting the sensors on ground following booms is also a major plus," he said.

"The new 50 cm spacing not only reduces overall system weight but also provides for double the resolution of other systems on the market when targeting weeds in heavy stubble."

Mr Jameson said the Weedseeker 2 continued to utilise two light sources, both infrared and near-infrared.

"The dual frequency light band has proved to be important in dusty, tough conditions where the background can change,'' he said.

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