Brahman bullocks top at 306c/$1635 at Charters Towers

Brahman bullocks top at 306c/$1635 at Charters Towers


Quality was good and cattle sold to enthusiastic buying panel at Charters Towers last week.


Charters Towers combined agents yarded a total of 1195 cattle on August 21, consisting of 336 prime cattle and 859 store cattle. The prime cattle consisted of 88 bullocks, 23 heifers, 161 cows and 64 bulls. The store cattle consisted of 773 steers, 86 heifers. Cattle comprised a smaller yarding of prime cattle to the previous week. Quality was good selling to enthusiastic buying panel.

The yarding was drawn from Mt Garnet, Chillagoe, Croydon, Einasleigh, Torrens Creek and local and coastal areas. Bullocks were quoted 20c dearer, heifers were 10c dearer, cows were 13c dearer and bulls were 10c dearer on the previous week's rates.

Prime quotes:

Steers and bullocks under 500kg sold to 307c and averaged 246c, and those over 500kg topped at 306c to average 295c. Heifers under 440kg sold to 256c and averaged 227c, while heifers over 440kg topped at 246c, averaging 246c. Cows under 400kg made 197c and averaged 145c, while cows over 400kg reached 218c, averaging 200c. Bulls under 450kg made 277c and averaged 250c, while bulls over 450kg reached 300c to average 255c.

Five Brahman bullocks sold on a/c Barry Maff, Charters Towers, topped at 306c, weighed 534kg to return $1635/hd. A run of bullocks a/c Wyandotte Past Co, av 296c, to weigh 640kg for a return of $1901/hd. Best priced trade heifers were presented on a/c Philipson Holdings, Charters Towers, sold for 256 and weighed 410kg to return $1050/hd. The top pen of cows were sold by Barry Maff, Charters Towers, for 218c, weighing 645kg to return $1407/hd. Bulls sold on a/c C and A Bolton, Granitevale, topped at 295c and weighed 743 to return $2194/hd.

Store quotes:

Store cattle consisted of good runs of quality steers and mickeys, selling comparable rates of previous weeks, limited numbers of heifers were penned.

Steers under 200kg reached 298c to average 277c, steers 200 - 320kg sold to 300c, averaging 273c, steers 320 - 400kg topped at 278c and averaged 255c and steers over 400kg sold to 258c to average 258c. Heifers under 200kg topped at 194c and averaged 187c, heifers 200 - 320kg sold to 202c, averaging 173c, and heifers 320 - 370kg made 220c to average 209c.

A run of Grey Brahman steers a/c Lascelles Past Co, Charters Towers, made 300c and weighed 219kg, returning and average of $657/hd. A good pen of Droughtmaster heifers on a/c S King, Ayr made 220c, weighed 349kg returning $768/hd.

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