It's marmalade mania!

NSW Marmalade makers wanted for competition

WORLD RENOWNED: Borne in Bathurst proprietor Jan Young and Illa Langa Farm owner Sheena Rigby with their award-winning marmalade. Photo: SAM BOLT

WORLD RENOWNED: Borne in Bathurst proprietor Jan Young and Illa Langa Farm owner Sheena Rigby with their award-winning marmalade. Photo: SAM BOLT


Do you make marmalade? The Country Women's Association invites you to Marmalade Mania


Marmalade makers should get their pots and peel prepared as it is almost time for Marmalade Mania.

Part competition, part celebration, the NSW festival of the citrus preserve will be held in Bathurst on the 14th and 15th of September and is an initiative of the Country Women's Association Bathurst evening branch.

Borne in Bathurst proprietor Jan Young said Marmalade Mania celebrated the best of toast spreads.

"I love a Seville and cumquat marmalade," she said.

"When judging we are looking for appearance, aroma, texture and flavour.

"On appearance we are looking for the evenness of the shred, you don't want to put your knife in the jar and pull out three inches of shred.

"Looking at the aroma, set and texture of the marmalade, is it over or undercooked, is it likely to run down your arm when you put it on your toast, or drag a hole in your piece of bread when you try to spread it.

"Flavour is the all important, we judge the quality of the cooking of the peel, is it lovely and soft and tender."

A previous winner of the world marmalade competition Mrs Young said Marmalade Mania would be judged along the lines of a wine show.

"There is no first, second or third, we award gold, silver and bronze medals and in any class there may be multiple medals awarded, depending on the quality," she said.

"We have a number of classes, a pure Seville marmalade, other citrus marmalade, one for the ginger lovers, in the spirit - marmalade with alcohol added, a savoury marmalade and fruit marmalade.

"Judging will occur on Saturday at 1:00 pm, then on Sunday we are open to the public with a gold coin donation, you can view and taste the winning marmalades, see how they have stacked up."

Mrs Young said droughty conditions could have an effect on marmalade quality, particularly with the smaller fruits.

"Drier fruits, particularly smaller fruits like cumquats, are not as juicy, you wind up with a thicker marmalade and you don't get quite the same clarity," she said.

"The biggest thing that affects quality of marmalade in this day and age is hybridisation, everyone wants a nice 85 to 100 centimetre diameter rosy orange that is sweet, that has taken the setting agents out of the varieties, there is virtually no pectin left, so they add a degree of difficulty to making a good marmalade.

"That is why gnarly old backyard trees are the best in the world."

Mrs Young said there would be plenty of goodies to purchase at the trade stall on Sunday, with all proceeds going to charity.

"We will have Marmalade Mania aprons and tote bags, we will have refreshments available, it should be a great day," she said.

"All the proceeds from Marmalade Mania are going to medical research, each year the Country Women's Association votes on a condition and for the last two years we have been supporting endometriosis research."

Marmalade Mania will be held on the 14th and 15th of September at the CWA rooms in Bathurst NSW.

Organisers would like to see the majority of entries in by the 31st of August, however entries will be received up until 12.00pm on Saturday the 14th, with judging commencing at 1.00 pm.

Public viewing will commence from 9:00 am to 2.00 pm Sunday 15th of September. Refreshments and merchandising will be available on site.

For more information please contact Jan Young on 0400 458 514 or follow the Bathurst CWA on Facebook.


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