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John Deere announce 2020 row crop range

LARGE RANGE: The 8R410 is one of seven models in the new John Deere 8R wheeled tractor lineup, set to be available in Australia from mid-next year.

LARGE RANGE: The 8R410 is one of seven models in the new John Deere 8R wheeled tractor lineup, set to be available in Australia from mid-next year.


John Deere announce its 2020 row crop range of tractors


Team green have announced it will launch two new lines of row crop tractors in Australia by the middle of next year, including an industry first four-track tractor on a fixed frame.

John Deere tactical marketing manager for production and precision ag Marko Koelln said the company had released details of its new 7R tractor line along with the 8R, 8RT and all new 8RX tractors.

"This covers row crop tractors from 156 kilowatts (210 horsepower) to 305 kW (410 hp) in the wheel, two-track and four-track variants," he said.

"The all-new 8RX tractor is the industry first four-track tractor available on a fixed frame."

John Deere marketing manager Tammy Lee said not only would customers have the benefits of a tracked tractor, the new 8RX retained the driving experience of a wheeled tractor.

"They represent the next leap forward in tractor innovation and have everything customers like about 8R wheel tractors with the addition of four independent tracks and a new fully suspended cab that makes them more comfortable to operate. This new machine form delivers unmatched flotation, traction and ride quality."

Ms Lee said the 8RX tractors delivered the pulling performance of tracks by providing more surface area of contact, less ground pressure and less slip than wheel tractors.

"We didn't just add tracks to an 8R Tractor. This is a fully engineered John Deere four-track solution, not a bolt-on aftermarket product," she said.

"A key component is the John Deere 1700 pivoting beam axle, specifically designed for a four-track tractor to provide the necessary strength and enable adjustability of tread spacings to fit grower needs."

Mr Koelln said the tractors were available with several new features, including an complete new cab design.

"John Deere has designed a completely new cab for improved operator experience and increased engine power on the 8R models and enhanced precision ag features," he said.

"The main benefit of the new cab are improved visibility and riding comfort, visibility has improved to the front with a newly designed hood profile.

"Upgrade options of front and rear cameras, as well as a completely new LED lighting package with option of double the lumen output from previous models."

Mr Koelln said John Deere had improved the riding comfort within the cab, with features such as an upgraded seat, bigger fridge, bigger turning angle and the option for heating, ventilation and massage in the driver seat along with a new radio system.

"John Deere also added the CommandPro multi-function control lever option on the infinitely variable transmission.

"The 7R and 8R continue to have the option of e23 transmission and the 8R has the 16 speed powershift transmission option."

Mr Koelln said in terms of precision agriculture, the company had incorporated a more precise integrated Starfire receiver, improved AutoTrac functionality and included a five year subscription to the companies JDLink platform.

"The new 7R and 8 family tractors will be arriving in Australia and New Zealand mid-2020," he said.


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