Two new irrigation solutions

Lindsay release new Zimmatic controllers and pivoting lateral irrigator

NEXT GENERATION: The new Zimmatic 9520 pivoting lateral is now available.

NEXT GENERATION: The new Zimmatic 9520 pivoting lateral is now available.


Lindsay release new Zimmatic controllers and pivoting lateral irrigator


Lindsay Australia have announced two new irrigation solutions aimed at increasing water use efficiency.

Lindsay regional manager for SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand Richard Hall said he was excited to launch the next generation of Zimmatic controllers as well as a new pivoting lateral, technologies as they gave growers greater control over irrigation, saving energy and potentially increasing irrigable land.

"We're excited to be launching these two new products, both of which will provide efficiencies for growers at a time when they need it the most. Australian farmers are looking to maximise yields with fewer inputs and this state-of-the-art technology helps them make the most of their valuable irrigation water, while boosting productivity at the same time," he said.

Mr Hall said the new Zimmatic controllers would make remote monitoring and control capabilities even more accessible.

"They're simple to use and provide quick adjustments to water depth, allowing growers to be responsive to weather conditions," he said.

Mr Hall said the there were three models in the new range of controllers, the 500C, 700C and 712C, which incorporated a number of features.

"The controllers feature smart barrier automation that provides a simple method for irrigating part circles, enabling the pivot to automatically reverse, return and stop at your original starting point," he said.

"The advanced plan function makes it easier than ever for growers to create customised irrigation programs for each field.

"Other features include smart alignment, providing real-time, visual feedback when confirming machine alignment and over-the-air serviceability making software and firmware updates and addition of future feature enhancements easier than ever."

Mr Hall said the new Zimmatic 9520 pivoting lateral was a cost-effective solution to irrigate more land with tremendous flexibility.

"Its exclusive optical barrier offers more programming flexibility than physical barricades, and GPS technology enhances accuracy, saves time and requires less maintenance than furrow-guided machines," he said.

"The Zimmatic 9520PL is ideally suited to irrigating high-value crops especially on large, irregular-shaped fields where multiple traditional centre pivot and lateral-move systems may not be cost-effective.

"The grower decides how to use this product most effectively and this customised control gives them the ability to irrigate in difficult areas, meaning farmers can meaningfully increase the amount of land they can irrigate which is a huge step forward."

Mr Hall said both the Zimmatic 9520PL and Next Gen Zimmatic Controllers were available through local dealers.

"We are proud that Lindsay continues to lead the way in developing innovative irrigation solutions in response to the changing needs of farmers, particularly during this challenging period when Australian growers are becoming more reliant on equipment that produces on farm efficiencies," he said.


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