Holsteins dominate IDW interbreed

Holsteins dominate interbreed awards at International Dairy Week


Holsteins dominated the interbreed championships at International Dairy Week on Thursday, taking the senior and intermediate awards.


Holsteins dominated the interbreed championships at International Dairy Week on Thursday, taking the senior and intermediate awards.

The Illawarra exhibit won the junior interbreed championship.

The Jerseys also performed well in the interbreed competition, being named reserve in all three categories.

A six-year-old cow Gippsland-bred and owned Holstein cow was named Australia's Grand Champion Cow.

Avonlea Reginald Jacobonia was shown by Matt and Nicola Templeton and his parents Bruce and Jan, Tarwin Lower, Vic.

It was bred by John Gardiner's renowned Avonlea Holstein stud, Cardinia, Vic, and was from Avonlea Ignite Jacobonia by Regancrest Reginald.

The Templetons bought the cow after Matt spotted it at IDW in 2019.

"Matt was walking around and saw the cow and she really took his fancy," Nicola said.

"IDW is the number one show. It's absolutely amazing to win because it's an internationally recognised show.

"To stand at the top of the line in all breeds but also in the Holsteins because there are so many great cows."

Holstein judge Brent Walker said the future for all breeds was good.

"When you see all the breeds out here, if they keep making cows like that in all the breeds, then there's a future for all breeds," he said.

"They all do things just a little bit differently."

The reserve senior interbreed was the Jersey champion Windy Ways Galaxies Dawn 7 shown by Cherrylock Cattle Co & Windy Ways Jersey, Tallygaroopna, Vic.

The intermediate champion interbreed cow was from the famous Elmar Holstein's Jessica family.

Elmar Solomon Jessica 5, was bred and shown by Steven and Deanne Hore and children Kelsie, Marty and Brady, Elmar Holsteins, Leitchville, Vic.

Elmar's Jessicas have won many awards at IDW, including this champion's mother, Elmar Goldwyn Jessica 11, which was Australia's Grand Champion cow and supreme Holstein at IDW in 2018.

Steven Hore said it was the two-year-old's first show.

"We concentrate on showing in-milk cows," he said.

Mr Hore said the Jessicas were their strongest family and had been "very successful" at IDW.

"The show team is nearly all Jessicas," he said.

The interbreed reserve intermediate champion was the Jersey champion Jimann Tequila Maree, shown by Trevor and Julie Campbell, Rochester, Vic.

The interbreed junior champion was shown by the Hayes family, Llandovery Illawarras, Girgarre, Vic.

Llandovery Guses Freda was from one of the herd's foundation families, the Fredas, Zoe Hayes said.

"They are usually real good herd cows, production cows," she said.

"We don't show many of them.

"She's such a sweet stylish calf; I think she has a good future ahead of her."

The young calf was in its first show but was calm in the ring.

"I couldn't believe it - she just loved it out there," Ms Hayes said.

The interbreed reserve junior champion was the Jersey heifer Philmar FC Upto Mischief shown by Andy Cullen, Cohuna, Vic.

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