Australian Dairy Conference to tackle tough issues

Australian Dairy Conference to tackle tough issues

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Australia's premier dairy event, the Australian Dairy Conference, kicked off in Melbourne on Wednesday night.


Australia's premier dairy event, the Australian Dairy Conference, kicked off in Melbourne on Wednesday night.

More than 500 delegates are attending the event, which will tackle some of the big issues in the industry.

Culture of the dairy industry will take centre stage - with sessions to explore the impacts of culture both at a broader level and on the farm.

CEO and founder of OzHarvest Rhonni Khan will provide the opening address highlighting how changing a culture is possible including how people think and act, evident in her campaign to change food waste legislation and provide more than 60 million meals to those in need.

UK sustainability consultant, dairy pioneer, UK Dairy Industry Woman of the Year (2017) and UK Farming Hero of the Year 2018 Dr Jude Capper will also shed light with relevance to the dairy industry and whether the global industry has 'culture on its side' to forge the change that is needed into the next decade.

Other sessions at ADC 2020 Melbourne focus on the biggest challenges facing the dairy industry at present, the war on waste, workplace cultures that get things done and a closer look at dairy supply with key players along the chain.

ADC 2020 programming chair Brendan Hehir said the dairy operating environment today was tumultuous at best and global dairy markets combined with a volatile supply landscape and more frequent extreme climatic conditions were a stark reminder that change was constant.

"The past year has seen many farmers confronted by a range of challenges from drought, fire and flood," he said.

"Whilst these aspects are beyond our sphere of influence, we need to be more vigilant in the things we can control.

"It calls us to question if we are efficient and sustainable enough in our dairy operations in order to be adaptive amongst the changing world and industry around us.

"At ADC 2020 we will explore in depth how culture, and the creation of effective culture, can benefit your business in productivity, profitability and in responding to change beyond the farm-gate.

"We have asked some of the best in the business to share their insight into how to build, create and foster positive cultures that have driven significant change to make a difference."

Strong themes of resilience and adversity also form part of the 2020 program with a focus on inspirational stories from a Lindt siege survivor Seline WinPe and some young dairy farmers who have overcome significant challenges.

The ADC Gala Dinner sponsored by Rabobank on Thursday, February 20, bringing the best of the industry together, will host a charity auction with dairy auctioneer Brian Leslie at the helm to raise money for Blaze Aid to assist farmers recovering from recent bushfires with a number of signature items on offer.

The event finishes on Friday, February 21.


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