Does SA need freight subsidies? | POLL

Does SA need freight subsidies? | POLL


With NSW and Vic subsidising the fodder transport costs for their drought or fire-affected farmers, there are again calls for SA to follow suit.


THE state government has this week announced an additional $60,000 to cover the ferry cost of delivering more donated hay from the Livestock SA depot at Cape Jervis to Kangaroo Island.

This is in addition to the $120,000 it committed in late January.

And while Livestock SA chief executive officer Andrew Curtis has welcomed the decision, he has renewed calls for road fodder freight subsidies for all SA drought-affected and bushfire-affected farmers having to haul hay long distances.

"We recognise the national agreement not to have government subsidies due to their distorting effect on the market, but we have seen the NSW government spending billions in freight subsidies for their farmers," he said.

"We have expressed concern to the state government for a long time about the disadvantage our producers have and that hasn't changed - if anything it has got worse with Vic now offering subsidies for those impacted by the bushfires."

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