Yea sale a solid result as colder weather beckons

Yea sale a solid result as colder weather beckons


Yea store cattle sold at "very solid" rates as buying orders for northern NSW, western Victoria and local areas set the tone.


Mainly local cattle producers forwarded 1540 cattle to the Yea monthly store cattle sale on Friday.

Selling under COVID-19 virus restrictions and with the sale also live streamed, agents reported buyer support was strong for orders from NSW destinations including Dubbo and Coonamble, with cattle also purchased for western district clients .

Rodwells Yea's Tyson Bush, said local buying orders were also strong for cattle to go onto grass.

He said the sale result was "very good" and was similar to the previous month with autumn drop steers making 420 to 460 cents a kilogram and weaners 460-500c/kg. He said there were few heifers with weight yarded but the yearling heifers sold for 370 to 390c/kg and weaners anything from 400c/kg plus.

Mr Bush said the yarding quality "wasn't too bad" with all stock generally "showing some cover" while some were showing the arrival of cooler weather.

He said the season had been "pretty hard" locally with a lack of stock water in particular. Recent rains had seen some run-off but pasture growth was expected to begin to slow as conditions got colder.

Elders's Jamie Quinlan, said it was an "extremely solid" sale for a yarding that was good quality but lacked big runs of stock.

He said the coronavirus rules meant 65 per cent of the pens were able to be used and buyers were monitored for social distancing.

The current rules also meant that a number of cattle normally sold through the yards had already been sold direct or on AuctionsPlus.

BP & LR Taylor, Thornton, sold 21 Angus steers, 14-16 months, that weighed 390kg and sold for $1550 or 397c/kg.

A quality line of mixed sex Poll Herefords, 11-12 months, came forward from Leslie Farms, Arcadia. The steers comprised 21, at 380kg, selling for $1500 or 394c/kg. The heifer portion sold in two lines with a draft of 27, weighing 300kg, selling for $1090, or 363c/kg while the lighter portion of 12 at 280kg sold for $1050 or 375c/kg.

Steers weighing 440kg sold account S Beecroft, made $1750 or 397c/kg for 17 while a pen of 12, weighing 355kg, sold for $1550 or 436c/kg.

Cloverly Pastoral sold 15 Angus steers, 350kg, that made $1520 or 434c/kg.

A pen of 21 steers sold account JH Curtis, weighed 391kg, making $1600 or 410c/kg.

A draft of steers sold account T Oliver sold to $1290 or 486c/kg for a pen of 25 weighing 265kg. The heavuer section of the draft comprised 10 that weighed 320kg and sold for $1420 or 443c/kg. The heifer portion from the same vendor comprised eight weighing 340kg that sold for $1280 or 373c/kg.

Premier Bay sold 47 steers in two pens with the lighter pen of 19, at 260kg, making $1220 or 469c/kg. The heavier pen of 28 at 327kg sold for $1440 or 440c/kg. The same vendor sold a draft of 35 heifers,

G & K Woodburn, Romsey, sold 25 Angus steers, August/September-drop, weighing 329kg and selling for $1500 or 456c/kg.

A pen of 18 Angus steers offered by K & A Ray, 8-9mths, weighed 310kg and sold for $1380 or 445c/kg.

Vendors, Cloverbrook, Narbethong, offered a line of mixed sex Angus with 46 heifers selling to $1000 or 459c/kg on weights of 218kg. The steer portion comprised 14, weighing 203kg, that made $950 or 468c/kg.

Inverugie Pastoraql, Yea, sold mixed sex weaners, 10-12 mths, with 20 steers, 295kg making $1350 or 457c/kg and the heifers, $1080 for 17 at 280kg, or 367c/kg.

CK & ML Oliver consigned 13 Angus steers, 330kg, that made $1460 or 442c/kg and 16 heifers, 321kg, selling for $1200 or 373c/kg.

A line of Angus, 12-14mths, sold account Cathedral Cherries, Taggerty, comprised 14, weighing 320kg, selling for $1350 or 421c/kg.

Hereford/Shorthorn-cross steers sold account J Daggain, Yarck, sold for $1240 or 418c/kg for a pen of 20.

Lachlan Downs, Byland, offered a pen of 20 Angus and black baldy steers weighing 330kg that made $1420 or 430c/kg.

A draft of 14 Angus heifers account GJ & HM Hauser weighing 365kg sold for $1410 or 386c/kg.

Glenn Innes Trading, Alexandria, sold black baldy weaners with 20 steers that weighed 283kg, selling for $1210 or 427c/kg. A second line of 15, weighing 243kg, sold for $1120 or 460c/kg.

Cathkin Pastoral sold while 11 heifers, 330kg, made $1220 or 369c/kg.

C & M Gesler, Taggerty, sold 12 black baldy heifers that weighed 300kg and sold for $1070 or 356c/kg.

Of the small offering of cows and calves R & C Roycroft, Dark Clough, sold a line of six Angus cows with their second calves at foot, five to six months old, and rejoined to Merridale bulls, that made $2550.

Agents were Rodwells, Nutrien Livestock and Elders.

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