NEW LOOK: Nokian Tyres is targeting its products at the agricultural sector.

NEW LOOK: Nokian Tyres is targeting its products at the agricultural sector.

Northern hemisphere company rolls-out specialist farm tyres for market down under

Getting a grip on farm

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Nokian delivers tough, reliable and new smart tyres ideal for Australian farming conditions.


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Australian farmers can benefit from the global expertise of a major northern hemisphere tyre manufacturer that is renowned for its top quality, functional, reliable and 'smart' products.

Nokian Tyres has been servicing the world's agricultural, forestry, mining, construction, transport, fishing, passenger and other heavy vehicle markets for many years.

Based in Finland - and with distributors across Australia - the Nasdaq Helsinki-listed company is the northernmost tyre manufacturer and has a focus on sustainability, safety and 'eco-friendliness'.

The wider Nokian Tyres group also includes the Vianor chain, which specialises in vehicle maintenance and tyre services.

It develops and produces a range of tyres for all seasonal conditions and vehicles, including tractors, trucks, vans and cars.

Nokian Tyres already has a big footprint in Australia's forestry sector, but the company has recognised the benefits its products can provide to boosting the productivity of the nation's agricultural sector.

It understands that farmers undertake many and varied jobs that require specialist equipment for efficiency and effectiveness, with minimal downtime and maintenance.

Nokian Tyres designs tyres that are heavier, faster and most suited to farm machinery, and the company continues to evolve its products and technological advances to meet the needs of this rapidly-changing industry.

It works in close collaboration with tractor and other machine manufacturers - and farmers - to fully understand the sector's current and future needs for high performance, tough, rugged, reliable and economical tyres.

On-farm, the Nokian Ground King tyres are ideal for tractors and other multi-purpose farm equipment.

INTELLIGENT: Traction and longevity are improved when using Nokian Tyres on the farm and new smart technology enables operators to monitor tyre pressure on-the-go.

INTELLIGENT: Traction and longevity are improved when using Nokian Tyres on the farm and new smart technology enables operators to monitor tyre pressure on-the-go.

These combine all-terrain mobility with on-road performance to optimise efficiency, versatility and performance for diverse tasks.

The Ground King tyre range delivers effective power transfer to the ground, which is a must on paddocks and at work sites.

Nokian Tyres has used its Hybrilug™ technology in the design of the Nokian Ground King tyres, which means these have a combination of the best features of lug and block patterns.

This provides increased ground contact for all-terrain mobility and traction, and a long operating life - with high levels of comfort and precise handling response on road transports.

Key to achieving more ground contact through the Nokian Ground King is the high-grade, wear-resistant tread compound used in its manufacture - and a unique traction pattern.

This results in increased longevity and provides farmers with more operating hours for their machines - even if there is extensive on-road use.

Nokian Ground King tyres also have high load-bearing capacity that allows the use of heavy work implements and high loads.

For tow-behind, telehandler and self-propelled farm machines, Nokian Tyres has developed a block-patterned Nokian Tri 2 tyre designed to provide even surface pressure.

It delivers extended operating hours, reliable grip all year-round, driving comfort and high load-bearing capacity at demanding sites.

The tread pattern and strong structure ensure Nokian TRI 2 tyres wear evenly, extend working hours and allow machines to work on delicate green areas.

All Nokian heavy tyres are manufactured without harmful high-aromatic oils.

The company's environmental 'friendliness' approach is further enhanced by designing products with low tyre noise and a low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption.

On the horizon for the Australian market is a new Intuitu™ smart system that can be fitted to tyres - including the Nokian Ground King and TRI 2 range - to monitor tyre pressure and temperature on-the-go.

This technology has been extensively and successfully used in Finland and will soon be rolled-out across this country.

Intuitu™ comprises pressure sensors that are directly attached to the tyre and allow the operator to monitor at the first stage tyre pressure and temperature in real-time using mobile phones and other smart devices.

For farmers, this will bring peace-of-mind at the start of every day that their machine has the correct tyre pressure and can achieve better grip and traction in the paddock.

They get immediate alerts if something goes wrong.

In the longer-term, this will extend the life of the tyres to reduce costs and boost farm productivity.

It is easy to access the Intuitu™ system for 'smart tyre' benefits by downloading the free Intuitu™ app on a compatible phone to register. Then, tyres can be monitored and managed any time without extra hardware.