Living the beef sustainability story

Living the beef sustainability story

JOINING THE TEAM: Queensland beef producer and food manufacturer Mark Davie.

JOINING THE TEAM: Queensland beef producer and food manufacturer Mark Davie.


Mark Davie to joined beef sustainability framework steering group


Queensland beef producer and food manufacturer Mark Davie will bring his unique insights and passion to a project that shows how the beef industry cares for people, animals and the environment.

"The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework is our opportunity to measure and tell our sustainable production story to the world," Mr Davie said.

"I'm in the fortunate position of waking every morning in an Australian beef sustainability story and seeing the beauty of our biodiverse production system every day."


The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework defines sustainable beef production and tracks performance over a series of indicators each year. It is used by industry to strengthen its social licence and access to markets and capital. It does this by defining sustainable production under the themes of animal welfare, economic resilience, environmental stewardship and people and the community.

After an extensive selection process, Mr Davie was chosen by the Red Meat Advisory Council to join the Framework's independent and representative Sustainability Steering Group. This group progresses the Framework on behalf of industry. It includes representatives from across the Australian beef value chain.

Mr Davie is excited to represent producers and help tell the industry's story.

"As a producer, I believe we have to tell our story to make sure our customers cherish the environmental dividends that come free with every kilogram of Aussie beef, and most importantly feel good about eating beef," Mr Davie said.

"I am passionate about developing environmental measures that recognise our diverse production environment and are not solely focussed on single metrics.

"I hope to work towards achieving recognition of the ecosystem services provided by the Australian beef industry."

Mr Davie lives and works on a family cattle breeding property, Greenlake Station, north of Yeppoon, where they crossbreed Brahman cows and sell weaners for backgrounding into both northern live export and southern feedlot markets.

He also runs Keppel Brand, a food manufacturing business in Yeppoon that sells value added meat products to the food service market nationally.

"Through my work and family, I am passionate about family business, Australian manufacturing, regional Australia and most of all Australian beef," he said.

Mr Davie was selected to join the Framework's Sustainability Steering Group after the position was vacated by former Chief Executive Officer of S. Kidman & Co, Greg Campbell.


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