Kubota gets set to launch new range of ROPS tractors

Kubota chief excited about launch of new range of M5-1 ROPS tractors

NEW YEAR ARRIVAL: Kubota's new M5-1 narrow configuration ROPS tractors will be arriving in Australian from next January.

NEW YEAR ARRIVAL: Kubota's new M5-1 narrow configuration ROPS tractors will be arriving in Australian from next January.


Kubota is gearing up to launch a new range of ROPS tractors in both standard and narrow configurations.


Kubota has widened its offering to Australian farmers with the release of its M5-1 ROPS models in standard and narrow configurations.

The M5-1 ROPS (rollover protective structures) engine technology had been redesigned to give maximum horsepower at the lower engine speed of 2400 rpm.

Kubota senior product manager for tractors and precision farming Konstantin Blersch said ROPS tractors make up 20 per cent of all tractors in their horsepower category in Australia and the M5-1 series filled a gap in the market.

"We're excited to bring the M5-1 ROPS model to Australia. Its advanced simplicity allows for easy movement and short height increases its practicality," Mr Blersch said.

"The ROPS model allows the operator to stay in contact with workers around the tractor while remaining seated at all times.

"The higher horsepower at lower speed in the M5-1 ROPS also means greater fuel efficiency.

"The M5-1 standard ROPS transmissions have been kept simple with 18 gears while still delivering the operator plenty of choice," Mr Biersch said.

"In the standard models, six synchronised gears and three ranges team up with a smooth power shuttle to cover speeds from slow creep to fast transport work. This makes it suitable for applications such as low and high-speed tillage.

"The transmissions of the M5-1 narrow model feature dual speed splitters to offer 36 speeds for a multitude of applications in orchards and vineyards.

"The Kubota X46 front loader has been matched to the ability of the M5-1 standard ROPS models with a specific hydraulic kit to suit the ROPS models.

"This gives the operator more versatility particularly for handling hay straw and silage.

"The new M5-1 ROPS line-up including the M5091 and M5111 standard and the M5091 and M5101 narrow has been released to fit among Kubota's M40 series ROPS and cabin and M5-1 cabin models.

"Like the cabin models, the ROPS models feature the Kubota V3800 CR Tier 4i engine with four cylinders, 3.81 litres displacement, turbocharging, common rail and a particulate filter.

"The M51 standard ROPS are available from your nearest Kubota dealer now while the M5-1 narrow models will be arriving for delivery from January 2021," he said.


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