Southern weaner sales: 'I have never seen anything like it'

Southern weaner sales: 'I have never seen anything like it'

Donna and David Martin, Wanders Rest, Sandy Creek, sold weaner steers, 392kg, to a top of $1820, while their heifers, 334kg, sold to a top of $1580 at Wodonga on Tuesday.

Donna and David Martin, Wanders Rest, Sandy Creek, sold weaner steers, 392kg, to a top of $1820, while their heifers, 334kg, sold to a top of $1580 at Wodonga on Tuesday.


Here's a complete wrap of the first two days of the Southern Weaner sales.


It might be a word that we hoped to leave behind in 2020 but "unprecedented" is how some agents conducting the annual Victorian weaner sales have described the action so far this week.

Buyers have braved border crossings, traveling from Queensland, South Australia, NSW and all parts of Victoria to source weaners during a time of tight cattle supply across the nation.

Vendors forwarded more than 16,000 weaners across the first two days of the weaner sales period.

Top prices for steer portions have generally been around $1900 with steers touching more than $2100 at Hamilton on Monday.

Elders southern zone livestock manager, Matt Tinkler, said that a concentration of sales in the first week had forced buyers to jump in quickly if they wanted to secure numbers.

"If you want to get cattle on the back of the season and you've got grass, you need to get in an buy them," he said.

A common theme at the southern sales was a premium for European Union Accredited cattle.

The sales kicked off yesterday (Monday) with the Western Districts Weaner Sale in Hamilton where agents penned 3464 weaner steers which averaged 494 cents a kilogram or $1744 a head.

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Our Stock & Land reporters were at the sale and spoke to Lanyons Stock and Station Agents director Warren Clark, Hamilton, who described the day as "unbelievable".

"I have never seen anything like it. Prior to the sale we were telling clients they were safe at 430c to 450c, but at times that wasn't even starting money," he said.

"The buyers stayed around and some of the final few runs were making over 500c/kg."

The Mortlake Weaner Sale also far exceed expectations yesterday with a yarding of 3745 steers and heifers by the associated agents at the Western Victorian Livestock Exchange attracting the biggest crowd ever seen at the centre.

The sale was conducted in conjunction with AuctionsPlus, with 156 registered buyers placing just under 300 bids.

Mortlake Stock Agents' Association president Matt Baxter said weaner steers either side of 400 kilograms made between 460-490 cents a kilogram, or $1690-$1920 a head.

Bruce Redpath, Elders, Mortlake, said calves made 20-30c/kg more than expected.

Mr Redpath said the competition from the north including Queensland and northern NSW was "very strong".

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Day two (Tuesday) of the sales saw 2500 mixed-sex weaners offered at the Yea Sale - the first of two feature weaner sales at the complex this week.

Steers sold to $1900, while heifers topped at $1750.

On a cents a kilogram basis, light steers under 250 kilograms sold to 630 cents a kilogram as heifers passed 530c/kg.

Nutrien Yea and Alexandra branch manager Tyson Bush said the result was "absolutely outstanding".

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Up on the border demand for quality Angus and Angus-cross weaner steers and heifers was running red hot the Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange in Wodonga on Tuesday.

Buyers from both Victoria and NSW bid up big via the online selling platform StockLive and in person on the buyers' rail for the 1808 head up for grabs.

Weaner steers surged to a whopping $1980 a head, while weaner heifers attracted plenty of spirited competition and topped at $1730.

All up, the weaners averaged $1666.

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At Casterton on Tuesday a yarding of 2410 head were greeted by packed walkways and keen competition.

Across the penning the cattle averaged 336 kilograms and sold at an average of 502 cents a kilogram or $1691 a head. The sale grossed $4.06 million.

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The fun continued at day two of the Hamilton weaner sales on Tuesday.

Agents again recorded exceptional prices with 2307 head yarded for an average price of 500c/kg and grossing $3,945,650.

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