Mums, dads, guardians, time to take up farm work

Left Field call for expressions of interest from parents and guardians to pick vegetables


There is a chance for more parents and guardians to get involved in farm work.


A Gunns Plains mum has stepped into the workforce for the first time taking advantage of the job opportunities available on Tasmania's north west farms.

Mikalah Hingston started cutting cauliflower for Harvest Moon last week as farmers struggle to fill the positions.

For the past eight years the 23-year-old has been caring for her children aged three, six and eight and has been surprised by her role in the paddock picking cauliflower and planting.

"It is not as hard as what I was expecting, it is really good and they make it fun," she said.

"I was scared to come but they were really upfront and said, it is going to be hard and it is going to be unusual for you, and I didn't come here scared because they told me what it was going to be like."


Left Field supplies workers to Harvest Moon and is calling for expressions of interest from mums, dads and guardians to join their cauliflower picking team working from 9am to 2.30pm each day to fit in with school.

Managing director Belle Binder said with a big demand for workers she believed it would be provide the chance for more people to get involved.

"With school going back after the holidays I think it will be a great opportunity for mums and dads and likeminded people to be a crew of eight," she said. "As a mum of five myself I know hard it is with having to work around these things and this can help eliminate that hurdle."

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