Updated safety guides now available for broadacre and livestock sectors

Updated tools now available to make broadacre and livestock sectors safer


Updated interactive safety guides for the broadacre and livestock sectors are now available for free.


Two updated safety and wellbeing tools have been released for the broadacre and livestock industries.

The two augmented reality (AR) guides have been produced by Sydney-based Pro-Visual Publishing and its industry partners who include the Australian Fodder Industry Association, Buy a Bale, Are You Bogged Mate and the NSCA Foundation Ltd, a not-for-profit workplace health and safety organisation.

The two free interactive wall guides are designed to use with phone or other smart devices to view augmented content alongside the printed text.

The AR feature enhances engagement of critical safety issues that workers come across daily.

The guide becomes a go-to piece for solo reference, or for training teams.

With particularly high rates of injuries and fatalities, farmers and livestock workers must be vigilant of best practice and processes to protect all who work in such unpredictable surroundings, so having this safety guide readily available can help educate daily.

Pro-Visual Publishing is a specialist in interactive wall mounted health, safety and wellbeing information resource guides.

AR enhances the physical, real-world environment by overlaying digital objects that are viewed through a smart phone or tablet. This is achieved by computer-generated sensory such as sound, graphics, video or GPS data.

The Broadacre Guide topics include:

. Safety precautions around tractors and quads.

. Contractor safety management.

. Steps to avoid heat stress and fatigue.

. Controlling manual handling risks.

. Crop rotation and farm productivity.

The Livestock Guide topics include:

. Livestock handling, outlining control measures.

. Managing risks of mobile plant, specifically tractors.

. Hay stacking checks and techniques.

For free Guides email marketing@provisual.com.au.


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