The story of a tipped float and a heifer named Bitch

Meet the Calder Highway cow - a heifer named Bitch

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All involved in Sunday's spill are shaken, but OK.


SHE'S more than a tonne of cow and if you heard people hollering for Bitch at the Ravenswood Interchange on Victoria's Calder Highway on Sunday afternoon, they were likely calling for her.

Bitch broke free after the horse float she was travelling in unbalanced, tipped onto its side, uncoupled from the ute towing it, and spun on the Calder Highway near Bendigo.

"It was just one of those freak accidents," Bitch's owner, who requested to remain anonymous, said.

She said the heifer was being transported from Broadford to Marong when the float tipped, nine kilometres from home.

Bitch's owner believed the accident happened after the cow shifted.

The farmer said her father, who was driving the ute, was only going about 60 kilometres an hour at the time.

"He felt something was wrong," Bitch's owner said.

The incident was captured on camera.

"Everyone is OK, just very shaken up," Bitch's owner said.

She said it was lucky the ute didn't tip, too.

"If you saw the trailer you'd wonder how (Bitch) survived," the farmer said.

The horse float, which was borrowed, sustained damage. But the heifer's owner said Bitch had "no scratches, no marks - nothing".

The farmer said the cow kicked herself out of the float after it spun.

Bitch then managed to cross the highway, with video footage showing her mounting the embankment on the Melbourne-bound side of the Calder.

Bitch's owner wished to thank all those involved in ensuring the heifer's safety as well as that of her father and his passenger, his wife.

The farmer made particular mention of the man who provided dash cam footage, as well as a bed and breakfast, which kept Bitch in a holding yard until she could be safely taken home.

"Just a huge thank you," Bitch's owner said.

The cow earned her name because of her temperament at drenching time.

"She is a beautiful cow," her owner said.


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