SA wins bid to host global wheat community

SA wins bid to host global wheat community

SPECIAL EVENT: Adelaide has been named the host of the five-day International Wheat Congress in 2024.

SPECIAL EVENT: Adelaide has been named the host of the five-day International Wheat Congress in 2024.


The 2024 International Wheat Congress is set to be held in Adelaide.


THE University of Adelaide, in partnership with the Adelaide Convention Bureau and SARDI, has been part of a successful bid to host the 2024 International Wheat Congress in Adelaide.

The event will attract some 1000 delegates to SA over its five-day program and provide an economic benefit to the state in excess of $5 million.

Wheat is one of Australia's largest exports because of its consistent high quality.

Some 70 per cent of the average 22 million tonnes produced annually is traded globally.

Within SA, the $2.4-billion wheat industry represents 12pc of national exports and is an integral part of the world-renowned grains research programs of the University of Adelaide.

Wheat breeding efforts undertaken at the University's Waite Institute have underpinned the national sector for many decades, with SA-based wheat varieties consistently representing a major share of the annual wheat harvest.

The congress will be co-chaired by Professor Jason Able from University of Adelaide's School of Agriculture, Food and Wine and Affiliate Associate Professor Tim Sutton from SARDI and the University of Adelaide.

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"We have much to be proud of in Australia," Prof Able said.

"Our wheat industry today has three world-class breeding companies developing the new varieties for growers to adopt and profit from and a substantial pool of scientific talent underpinning the latest pre-breeding research, which is reinforced by excellent industry relationships both nationally and internationally.

"Inviting the global wheat community to join us in Australia in 2024 will facilitate sharing new knowledge, experiences and innovation that will push this vital sector of the agri-food industry further ahead - not just nationally but globally.

"The planned program will cut across the entire wheat industry and will include a unique day specially aimed at growers and other industry stakeholders."

With agtech one of the SA government's key economic growth pillars, the coup is important as an economic driver for the state.

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