Fendt on track with new high-horsepower tractor ranges

Fendt releases all-new ranges of high-horsepower track tractor

MORE MUSCLE: Fendt, a brand of Agco, says its new 1100 Vario MT range features the highest horsepower track tractor on the market.

MORE MUSCLE: Fendt, a brand of Agco, says its new 1100 Vario MT range features the highest horsepower track tractor on the market.


Fendt has released all-new high-horsepower track tractors on the Australian market.


Fendt has announced the Australian release of its latest high horsepower offering with the new 900 Vario MT and 1100 Vario MT track tractors.

Spanning a horsepower range from 283.3 kilowatts (380hp) to 501.8kW (673hp), the latest release is completely new in Fendt's Australian offering.

"There's nothing we haven't thought of in creating the new Fendt Vario MT track tractors," Fendt product manager Tyron Midgley said.

"For flotation, ride comfort, fuel efficiency, implement operation, power and reliability, these new track tractors will definitely stand out as a great choice for the heaviest jobs," he said.

The tractors are designed to handle big crop production jobs including medium-to-heavy high-speed tillage as well as the largest planters and seeding implements.

"We've added some totally new Fendt-exclusive innovations such as a steerable three-point hitch system and a hydraulically controlled swinging drawbar option that make headland turns with large implements smoother for the operator, less demanding on the tractor and gentler on the soil," Mr Midgley said.

Producers can choose from four models in the 1100 Vario MT range.

The 1151 (381kW), 1156 (420.5kW) and 1162 (460.8kW) models are powered by MAN six-cylinder, 15.2-litre diesel engines.

Mr Midgley said the power plant for the Fendt 1167 Vario MT (501.8kW), the highest horsepower track tractor on the market, is the MAN six-cylinder, 16.2L diesel engine.

"These engines offer the Fendt iD low-rev engine concept working in unison with the Fendt Tractor Management System (TMS) and stepless VarioDrive transmission.

"The tractors not only provide maximum torque at 1100 rpm, they are the highest horsepower two-track tractors to offer a CVT transmission for more power to the ground and greater flotation," he said.

"The Agco-exclusive, patented Mobil-Trac track system is the only mid-wheel design on the market with a suspended undercarriage and rolling mid wheels.

"By placing the hardbar closer to the front of the tractor, engineers lengthened the wheelbase for better weight and power distribution along the belt to deliver a smoother ride and reduce compaction."

For greater traction plus more ride comfort for both field work and road travel, the Fendt 1100 MT Vario tractors feature a new Fendt-exclusive option, Smart Ride Plus load leveling.

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This hydraulic system for Smart Ride integrates with the front suspension springs to adjust the tractor height, keeping the chassis level to maintain the correct angle between the tractor hitch and rear implements.

The new Fendt 900 Vario MT tractor models range from 283kW (380hp) to 321kW (431hp).

All systems, including the hydraulics and two-speed PTO, run at lower engine revs for lower fuel costs and reduced engine wear.

Like other Fendt tractors, the 900 Vario MT has separate hydraulic oil reservoirs for the implement and vehicle hydraulic systems, preventing cross-contamination and extending the service interval to two years or 2000 hours.

"Operators receive a noticeably different level of ride comfort when operating the 900 Vario MT tractors, especially over terraces and rough field surfaces," Mr Midgley said.

"The Smart Ride system combines oscillating mid-wheels, hardbar suspension, cab suspension and seat suspension, giving operators great ride quality without sacrificing the in-field benefits of power, control and traction."

The tractors also handle well at the maximum road speed of 40 kilometres an hour.

The 900 Vario MT tractors feature an easy-to-use touchscreen Varioterminal that has a smartphone feel, Mr Midgley said.


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