Two new 60 horsepower TYM tractors released

TYM T613 tractors hit the Australian market

The 60 horsepower TYM T613 tractor in action.

The 60 horsepower TYM T613 tractor in action.


Two new hydrostatic transmission tractors hit the Australian market on July 1.


Two new hydrostatic transmission tractors hit the Australian market on July 1.

The 60 horsepower tractors are part of TYM's extension of its T613 offering and include the TYM 4-cylinder diesel engine, first introduced in the manual tractor last year.

The T613 is now available in four choices: hydrostatic transmission in ROPS or air-conditioned cab, or manual transmission with shuttle in ROPS or air-conditioned cab.

The 3-range hydrostatic transmission uses side-by-side forward and reverse pedals, providing ergonomic and easy forward and reverse changes.

Now fitted with auto throttle control, it automatically increases the engine RPM, allowing the operator to have both hands on the tractor's steering wheel.

They will be distributed across Australia by Inlon.

Inlon sales and marketing manager Gary Surman said the new features would increase on-farm efficiency.

"The auto throttle control is an operator's dream, enabling concentration on the task at hand while the engine RPM is managed by pressing the HST foot pedal. It also increases efficiency," Mr Surman said.

Two speed independent PTO comes as standard with 540 and 540 Economy saving fuel on the less demanding PTO work such as raking or tedding hay.

The high capacity hydraulic pump (42 litres/minute) provides fast loader operation, while two double acting remotes will help suit a wider range of tractor attachments. The steering has its own 19L/minute pump.

New styling and improved ergonomics are also a feature of the T613, with a flat deck floor providing a wide, comfortable platform for the operator with the adjustable suspension seat ensuring a soft ride.

The generous wide access makes it easy to get on and off the tractor. There's easy access to the diesel tank, which is situated beneath the platform with unobstructed access to the filler point.

Inlon's TYM T613 tractor package includes a self-levelling loader with 4-in-1 bucket, joystick control and a Euro hitch to easily use and change a wide range of attachments.


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