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Carcase focus for Texas Angus

INDUSTRY LEADERS: Texas bulls are known for their ability to perform in all environments, with incredible growth and carcase results.

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TEXAS Angus bulls have always been well-known for their carcase quality, and the stud is continuing to make its mark in some of the industry's most prestigious carcase feedback competitions.

Benchmarking their cattle against some of NSW and Queensland's best commercial and seedstock producers gives stud principals Ben and Wendy Mayne commercially-relevant feedback that they can use to better select genetics in their stud.

Each year they class all weaners and yearlings on phenotype and temperament, along with estimated breeding values, and the animals that don't make the grade to stay in the herd end up in the feeder carcase trials.

Texas cattle have been part of the Sydney Royal Beef Challenge since 2016, winning many champion and grand champion awards for feedlot and carcase performance, as well as the taste test and overall profitability.

"To achieve a sixth consecutive year of being the most profitable cattle in the Sydney Royal competition is one our greatest achievements, along with having animals with the highest marbling and weight gains," Mr Mayne said.

CARCASE COMP SUCCESS: Lachie Mayne, Kate Cowan, Rosie Mayne and Will Mayne with ribbons won by Texas Angus in the 2021 RAS Sydney Royal Beef Challenge.

Last year the stud entered Ekka's RNA Paddock to Palate competition for the first time and had outstanding results, with their two pens of pure Angus steers placing second and fourth overall in the 100-day HGP-free export class.

A Texas pen had the second best feedlot performance with an average daily weight gain of 2.18 kilograms.

The Maynes recently had success in the feedlot side of 2022 RNA competition, with second and fourth for average daily weight gain, with 2.398kg per day and 2.333kg per day.

An individual steer was ranked equal third with 2.78kg per day.

"Our steers and heifers are performance tested in both 70- and 100-day feedlot trials and then we are provided a dollar value on how profitable these cattle are," Mrs Mayne said.

"Our carcases are ranked by expert beef judges against all breeds and crosses, and we are given a full breakdown of all the results which we can then allocate to each individual animal.

"We then follow these bloodlines that are the highest outperforming in both feeder and carcase traits to incorporated this information back into our breeding program to improve the performance and carcase quality of our genetics."

FEEDLOT PERFORMANCE: Texas steers in the feedlot for the Ekka RNA Paddock to Palate competition. The stud had the second and fourth highest pens for daily weight gain in the 2022 feedlot performance trial.

The Texas breeding program is focused on producing beef that is more profitable for all sectors of the beef industry, with a reduced carbon footprint.

"If you can get an animal to be more efficient and hit market specifications in a quicker time, it's a win-win scenario for everyone - that is, breeding profitable animals that taste great and produce less methane emissions."

Client success with Texas Angus sires

Texas bulls have a reputation for striving and thriving in most environments, with clients in every state of Australia producing cattle for a wide range of markets.

Clients are reporting success with Texas sires, with progeny achieiving good results through feedlots, processors and the saleyards.

Earlier this year Texas bulls sired three of four champion pens at the well-regarded Virbac Weaner Challenge and Feature Sale at Tamworth, where 7000 head were yarded.

The champion pen of weaner steers went to Texas clients George and Ali Duddy, Hudson, Willow Tree, for 15 nine-month-old Texas-blood Angus steers that went on to make $2450 a head.

Tony Haling, Hillside Park, Woolbrook, had both the champion and reserve champion pens of weaner heifers with his eight-month-old heifers sired by Texas bulls, with the champion calves reaching $2300, and the reserve champion pen making $2290.

Queensland client Brad Jackson recently had impressive results through the Stanthorpe saleyards, where his Texas-sired cattle received a $250 per head (about 50 cents per kilogram) premium over other weaner steers on the day.

"Results like these really reinforce that our breeding program is delivering results. In recent times, it has become very evident that more and more breeders are chasing profitability.

"These are cattle that will grow, weigh, perform and hit market specs for all sectors of the beef industry with a desirable eating experience."

QUALITY FEMALES: Texas Undine M508 and her heifer calf that sold in the stud's 2021 female sale for $65,000.

Industry-leading genetics on offer

The stud's July 28 bull sale features 216 bulls, including 166 two-year-olds and 50 autumn-drop yearlings.

"We believe this year's bulls are the most even line we have ever presented and considering its our largest draft is quite a feat," Mrs Mayne said.

"We have culled heavily and only the best were selected, plus it is also the largest draft of embryos bulls ever to be offered at Texas.

"These embryo bulls are filtered throughout the sale draft which gives our clients and potential buyers the opportunity to secure the best genetics we have on offer."

QUALITY GENETICS: Two of the Texas Angus 2022 sale bulls. The stud has 216 bulls on offer, including 166 two-year-olds and 50 autumn-drop yearlings.

Among the highlights are the 33 Poss Maverick sons, including five full brothers to Texas Iceman, who sold for $225,000 at last year's record breaking sale.

"We have nicknamed the Maverick sons 'Sherman tanks' purely because of their incredible width of body, power and muscle pattern," Mr Mayne said.

"Maverick is a paradox of the Angus world as there are very few bulls that have this much power and performance plus have so much marbling with strong, broad, powerful heads and big muzzles.

"His progeny have scanned 112cm eye muscle area and 8.3pc marbling at only 13 months of age off grass."

2022 SALE BULL: Lot 22, Texas Remington R767, by Poss Maverick. Remington is one of 33 Maverick sons in this year's bull sale on July 28.

Also available are the largest drafts of Sydgen Bonus 8084 and Varilek Geddes 6078 bulls at any Australian sale, including outstanding stud quality sires.

"Bonus (34 sons) is Australia's most docile Angus bull combined with incredible calving ease, high carcase attributes makes his sons a very attractive package.

"You can calve an ant to Bonus and wouldn't have an issue, and if you have any temperament problems, Bonus will solve that in the first generation.

"We will also be selling 12 Geddes sons which is also the largest draft to sell this year and they are super slick, real eye catching, proven calving ease sons that will inject thickness, balance and constitution."

The 54th annual sale is on July 28, from 12pm, with bidding in person and online via Elite Livestock Auctions.

The stud's open day is on July 7, from 10am to 3pm.

This is branded content for Texas Angus.