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'Ag Visa' policy now a wasted opportunity
Fiona Simson, National Farmers Federation President
Increasing wages would simply mean fewer Aussie farmers, and more imported produce on our supermarket shelves. It's rapidly fuelling Australia's cost of living crisis. Left unchecked, it will increase the number of Australians who can no longer afford to choose fresh fruit and veg.
A vote for an "independent" is a vote for Labor
Tom Marland, Principal Marland Law
In the seat of Hinkler, local Mayor Jack Dempsey, left, is throwing his hat in the ring to run as an "independent". He is pictured with Anthony Albanese.
Real Australia
Bye bye to the country's banks
Chris McLennan
BYE BYE: Bags the job of cleaning out the vault after the banks close their doors in country towns.
Real Australia
Getting back to grassroots
Tom Melville
Charles Massey and ACM podcast host Tom Melville
Finding stuff a key part of landcare work
Lisette Mill, Landcare Facilitator and Agvocate, Sw Victoria
PROTECTED: Lisette Mill found this Entrecasteaux's Skink Pseudemoia entrecasteauxii in Pretty Hill Flora Reserve at Orford, Victoria, and it has been added to the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas.