Lancefield hits $38,000

Lancefield hits $38,000

The Lancefield Brahmans Invitation sale hit a top of $38,000 when Rodger Jefferis (right), Elrose Brahmans, Cloncurry selected 2AM Trinity from Andrew (left) and Anna McCamley’s 2AM sale team.

The Lancefield Brahmans Invitation sale hit a top of $38,000 when Rodger Jefferis (right), Elrose Brahmans, Cloncurry selected 2AM Trinity from Andrew (left) and Anna McCamley’s 2AM sale team.


THE 2014 Lancefield Brahman Invitation sale saw particularly strong stud support lift the sale to a top of $38,000.



  • Top $38,000, av $6478
  • Sold 112, 93pc clearance

GROWTH and fertility were a popular combination for stud buyers at Monday’s 40th Lancefield Invitation sale, while bullock buyers cited length and muscling as the draw card.

Held at the Gracemere Saleyards, the historic event topped at $38,000 and the man who paid the top price, Rodger Jefferis, Elrose Brahmans, Cloncurry, said the combination of impressive growth figures and brilliant fertility fitted the Elrose breeding objectives perfectly.

“The Lancefield bulls present with plenty of data and the integrity of the data is great because they’ve been doing it so long,” he said.

Mr Jefferis, his wife, Lorena and daughter, Brooke attended the sale and chose two bulls including the 27-month-old, Lancefield A Titon son, 2AM Trinity listed by invited vendors, Andrew and Anna McCamley, Capella.

The scurred, milk tooth, 758kg sire recorded a 600 day weight estimated breeding value (EBV) of +82kg (Breed av +34) and a 46cm scrotal.

The Elrose prefix also paid $26,000 for the 24-month-old, 810kg, milk tooth, Lancefield M Brazier with fat scores of 14 and 9mm in P8 and rib and an eye muscle area (EMA) of 143sq cm.

“The stars aligned for both these bulls as far as their growth EBV’s and fertility,” Mr Jefferis said.

Matthew and Janelle McCamley, Lancefield M stud, Dululu congratulate Rodger Jefferis(left), Elrose Brahmans, Cloncurry on his $26,000 purchase of Lancefield M Brazier.

Reade and Jill Radel and family, Kandoona Red Brahmans, Injune, paid $35,000 for the top-priced red lot at the sale, Lancefield M Rhinestone offered by Matthew and Janelle McCamley, Eulogie, Dululu.

“He’s got all the carcase traits, muscling, softness and a good sheath and scrotal measurement,” Mrs Radel said.

“It’s all about the combination of fertility and growth.”

The 25-month-old, milk tooth, JDH Sir Reno Manso son weighed 835kg with a 145sq cm EMA.

Matthew McCamley(at rear), Lancefield M prefix, Eulogie, Dululu, sold the top-priced red sire at the sale to Reade Radel (front), Kandoona Brahmans, Injune for $35,000.

2AM Brahmans selected the highest priced Palmal Brahman sire in the 28-month-old, JDH Mr Echo Manso son, Emmerson for $32,000.

Palmal Emmerson sold for $32,000 to Andrew, Anna and Jarod McCamley, 2AM Brahmans, Capella. The bull was listed by David, Julie and Ed McCamley (at rear), Palmal Brahmans, Dingo.

A partnership consisting of Brett and Susan Kirk, Hazelton Brahmans, Middlemount and David and Joy Deguara, Hamdenvale Brahmans, Mackay paid $24,000 for the 26-month-old, 780kg, milk tooth, Lancefield M Hackett.

David Deguara, Hamdenvale Brahmans, Mackay and Brett Kirk, Hazelton Brahmans, Middlemount with their $24,000 bull which was purchased from Matthew McCamley (front), Lancefield M Brahmans, Dululu.

Roger Landsberg, Trafalgar Station, Charters Towers paid $20,000 for the 23-month-old, Lancefield D Bazuka son, Lancefield M Buttsworth.

A total of 86 grey bulls averaged $6529 while the average price for 26 red sires settled on $6307.

Commercial buyer, John Saunders, Thuriba, Wowan selected 14 bulls for the average price of $3071.

The staunch Brahman buyer runs a Brahman herd and an Angus/Brahman cross herd and supplies the feeder market.

Dave Goodwin was active at the sale on behalf of the Goodwin family, Hildavale Pastoral, buying 13 bulls for the average price of $4615.

The company owns two blocks at Alpha totalling 70,000 acres, Dahlonega and Narounyah and has recently leased the 30,000 acre, Tooloombah Station, north of Marlborough.

“Brahmans are suited to our country and you’ve got to run the beast that suits the country,” said Mr Goodwin who aims to produce bullocks supplying the Japanese market.

“I like a good ham on a bull with plenty of stretch and length,” he said.

Comet bullock breeder, Kevin Pickersgill, Washpool Station purchased eight bulls including four greys and four reds to average $3500.

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